NeoBlocks 1.0 a Skin for MasterPieceX2

MasterPieceX2 is a 2 Player version of MasterPiece you can play on your PC
or your XBOX as long as you have a mod chip or 2 joysticks for your computer.
It is compiled with the OpenXDK which is freely avialable.

How to use this:

if you want you can just extract then FTP to your XBOX the three folders NeoBlocks TuxBlocks
and MasterPieceX2. Then use boXplorer to launch the .xbe file.

If you want to compile it yourself to say tweak the code or maybe for another platform
than the binarys provided you can do so.
Just type at the command prompt:

in the directory of the extracted source code.

$ make clean && make
$ make static
$ make -f xbox

this will build for XBOX and your current platform.

Download MasterPieceX2 plus 3 skins