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Site Project

MasterX-oVDM and its concepts are Licensed under the GPL

Site project focus:

Software restarted with new ideas:

in its most simple form, a software application that will have different dimensions of software. Each dimension will contain its own unique interface of the system. A favorite or constant system can be set, and will come with a a general purpose system dimension. Think of it like having a new way to work with your computer every time you discover a new dimension.

Screen Shots of Prototype 4

Some more recent pictures are available here

The project is currently in beta stage now. It contains working user interface components, but they are not complete. It also now contains a embedded python interpreter for scripting the applications programs.

How to compile MasterX on Ubuntu Linux
MasterX Online Virtual Dimension Manager for Kubuntu 8.10 deb
Current Mac OS X Leopard Demo (as of 11.06.08)
x86 Ubuntu Build Script *UPDATED*
FreeBSD 7 Build Script

Soon more build scripts will emerge.

Please send bug reports to

System Components

LostSideDead Components:

libmx - system interface (how the app will communicate with the OS)
libmxui- a user interface class framework based on libmx
mxl - simple configuration script reading/writing program
libmasc - a lexical anyalizer

Third Party Components

Python Interpreter - programs scripting langauge
SDL - for interfacing with the OS
zlib - for compression
libpng - for PNG graphics
boost - set of C++ classes soon to be added to C++ standard

These components are just a start.

MAsterX-ovDM OS Shell/ Framework.

The idea is that for every 'space' in the operating systems graphical user interface, there will be multiple windows, and other spaces. Thinking of a desktop as a virtual space, the application would create a new 'dimension' for your applications on on the fly. Switching between dimensions is simple using a combination of key presses or the scroll on your mouse. Each dimension would have its own icons, wallpaper, windows, and other features. Very similar to KDE and GNOME's window pagers. The difference between the two is that my application will not be a window manager. It will function on its own, and be able to compile for a multitude of platforms. Like a window that has many windows inside of it. Dreams also include a built in scripting language shell. Alot like bash but geared more towards triggering change within the windowing enviorment.. A example of this would be Window A in side of Dimension B would create Dimension C with Window D. The shell could expand or become a single desktop. Dependent on the applications currently running and the users preference. This idea I orignaly wrote in the year 2000, and I believe I finally have learned enough about computer programming to properly implement it. The concept created in this project will just be a prototype for more time down the road when I can actually implement it for say X, or as a real Operating System itself..
The third attempt was a great learning experience you can view it here

Some example screen shots from my second attempt to create this system.

Download Prototype 2 (GPL) (c) 2006

MasterX prototype with a KDE like skin

My first attempt to create the system didnt work out to well. However the majority of the functionality was there. Unfourtenly it was written back when I was using windows98. I somehow managed to scrounge together a broken source tree. The source will not compile but atleast it will give you a general idea of the concept I am attempting to create.

View the source @