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Installing MasterX from a debian package MasterX DEB Package for Ubuntu 8.10 (Release 3)

Install Instructions

download the above deb package

open the terminal and change the directory to the one containing the downloaded debian package


$ sudo dpkg -i MAsterX-ovDM-Ubuntu-8.10-r3.deb

it should complain about missing packages so next type

$ sudo apt-get install -f

install the missing packages
then once again try to install the masterx debian package

$ sudo dpkg -i MAsterX-ovDM-Ubuntu-8.10-r3.deb

Afterward sync the dynamic libraries

$ sudo ldconfig

start the program by typing masterx in the terminal for windowed mode, for
full screen type masterxfull

Also if you using Ubuntu/Kubuntu you can keep update with program changes without having to wait for a release download the build script from the svn with this command:

$ svn co svn:// build_script

then just cd to build_script and

$ sudo ./masterx_build
everything should commpile 'out of the box'