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Note: This program is still in the development stage. Please send bug reports to: Mutatris is a Puzzle Game similar to tetris and columns. Connect 4 blocks in a square or in horizontal or vertical lines. Blocks fall when they have no support and move one each update shift. This makes for interesting combinations. 0.4 is current release and contains the single player mode, network mutli player mode, local multiplayer mode, and highscores menu to keep track. Note: to use the networking components of this game, if you have a firewall, you must poke a hole in it, (allow) the application to have access to the internet. Second if your behind a router, and want to Listen for connections, you must forward the port the program listens on which is 1045 to the ip address of the computer where the program is in listen mode. download development (windows) version: Mutatris-0.5 Win32
download development (Ubuntu/Debian) version: Mutatris-0.4-x86.deb Runtime: libmx-dev
download development (Ubuntu/Debian 64 bit) version: Mutatris-0.4-amd64.deb Runtime: libmx-dev (64 bit)
download development (Mac OSX Leopard) version: Mutatris 0.5 Mac OS X
download PS3 Linux beta version (requires SDL/libpng/zlib): mutatris-ps3.tar.gz
Controls: In single player mode: Keyboard: The arrow keys, Left arrow move left, right arrow move right down arrow move down, up arrow shift color. Joystick: Using the left analog stick, move the block. Pressing button 1 Will shift the color. in 2 player Local Mode ( 2nd Player Controls ) use the W key to Shift the color, the A key to Move Left the S key to Move Down the D key to Move Right or if you have a joystick plugged in it will be active for player 2, player 1 will automaticly have the defauilt keyboard controls for input. Log: version 0.5 - fixed block movement, when no support block is underneath, no is much faster version 0.4: - mxmp: split screen play done, program ready for beta release - added new file for split screen play - mxmp: fixed - mxmp: updated graphics - mxmp: network mode ping timeout changed version 0.3: - multi player works - mxmp: updates to networking section of game - mxmp: cursor added to input for Ip address - mxmp: major portion of online code has been written. - mxmp: added new multi player class implementation - mxmp: working on multi player over network - added new socket class, and sub dir for tests version 0.2.1: - mxmp: minor changes to the joystick in the menu, you can now select what input you wish to use in single player mode, use the left and right arrows while the menu item is highlighted, only for single player right now - mxmp: added joystick functionality to single player - mxmp_imp.cpp: hide cursor version 0.2: - mxmp: added background to games high scores - progress on highs cores , can input new scores, saved to a db using et .. - adding game background incorperated game into app - the base foundation for the game is complete, game encapsulated into template - removed exit menu item - I have had a cold for a while, did some work on a puzzle game.. - more work done on the start menu - working on start menu screen now shows sub menu items - offical commit of 0.1 win32 release of MX - added map rgb mapping function wrappper static function in Color class in mx_types.h - working on start menu... - updated background image Screen Shot 1 - Screen Shot 2 - Screen Shot 3