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How to compile MAsterX-ovDM on x86 Ubuntu Linux

1. First open a terminal, (enable disabled repo's in your /etc/apt/sources.list by uncommenting them) and than issue the command:

$ sudo apt-get install subversion automake autoconf libtool pkg-config gcc g++ libstdc++6 python2.5-dev libboost-dev libboost-python-dev libboost-thread-dev libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-stretch-dev libpng12-dev zlib1g-dev

That will install all the tools and libraries you will need:

2. Then make a new directory to build the project in, and change the current directory to it:

$ mkdir code && cd code

3. Then issue the commands to download the required deps ( that you must compile ).

$ svn co svn:// && svn co svn://

4. First build libmasc, then libmxl.

$ cd mxl/libmasc
$ ./ && ./configure && make
$ sudo make install
$ cd ..
$ ./ && ./configure && make
$ sudo make install
$ cd ..

5. Next you will need to build libmx ( the graphics engine ) for masterx

$ cd trunk/libmx
$ ./ && ./configure --prefix=/usr && make
$ sudo make install
$ cd ..

This may take a few minutes but should work out of the box if you entered the list of pacakges to install at first.

6. Then install libmxui and compile masterx:

Copy the fonts (very Important)

$ sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/mxf
$ sudo cp -rfv fonts/*mxf /usr/local/mxf
$ cd libmxui
$ cd ./ && ./configure --prefix=/usr
$ cd mxui && make && sudo make install
$ cd ../masterx
$ make

7. Next run MasterX right from the build directory with the execution script:

$ ./RunMasterX

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