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About Acid Cam

Acid Cam is a project I started developing in 2011 as an augmented reality hallucination simulator. The project grew and had various iterations over the years including the v1 series, v2 series, Qt app, command-line tool, and OpenGL visualization instrument. Different variations of the project run on Windows, Linux, and macOS. The most popular version of the project is the v2 OSX video editor version with over 2,000 CPU-based filters.

Acid Cam filters are puzzle pieces of a visible language to bend and alter data to create abstract visualizations through mixing them together in different orders. It’s a gift.

Available also is a collection of free stock footage I have created on my google drive that you can download for free and use in any of your projects or videos and evolve and expand. No credit or payment is needed. I want to share my love with you all.

Acid Cam is free software You can Download it for free here:

acidcamGL - acidcamGL for Windows/Mac/Linux GitHub

Acid Cam v2 OSX - Acid Cam for macOS High Sierra/Mojave GitHub

Acid Cam for Windows 10 - Acid Cam Qt - Manual

Acid Cam for Android Pre-release Experimental Version

You can also accesss free stock artwork/videos created with Acid Cam.

Thousands of Photos and hundreds of Video Files You are free to use in any of your own projects royalty free :
Acid Cam videos are about opening your mind and not expecting things to look a certain way or be formed in a specific pattern. Expanding the concepts of how something should look by dissolving its expected state and morphing it into something new and beautiful for whatever you want to believe it is.

Download Full Quality Free Stock Footage

Download Full Quality 4K Acid Cam 360 Videos: Stock 360 Video
Download Full Quality 4K 60 FPS Stock Acid Cam Videos: Stock 4K 60 FPS Video
Download Full Quality 4K 30 FPS Stock Acid Cam Videos: Stock 4K 30 FPS Video
Download Full Quality 1080p/720p Stock Acid Cam Videos: Stock 1080p/720p Video
Photos: Directory with full quality images from my Acid Cam videos:

Examples of Acid Cam + Deep Dream. - My Deep Dream Page

- Jared Bruni
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Example Videos