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Free Linux Game Downloads

Download a debian package containg all four games:

or view all projects deb packages:
Debian Package Directory

Download Super Stoner 420 ( for x86 Ubuntu Linux ): Ubuntu Debian Package

Download Tuxblocks ( for x86 Ubuntu Linux ): Download: Ubuntu Debian Package

Download Int Builder ( for x86 Ubuntu Linux ): Ubuntu Debian Package

Download LostMasterPiece ( for x86 Ubuntu Linux ): Ubuntu Debian Package

KMasterpiece for Kubuntu (Qt4)

to download this programs source code visit the svn at
or download it with the subversion utility svn:

svn co svn://
a win32 build and x86 linux build are avialable for download

Download: Linux Binary - Kubuntu deb package
Windows 32 bit EXE
Mac OS X (qt4 framework required) - Mac OS X Including Frameworks

GMasterPiece for Ubuntu (GTK+)
GMasterPiece is a version of the game targeted for the Gnome desktop.

Download: Ubuntu deb package

Ultimate MasterPiece3D

Ultimate MasterPiece3D For Ubuntu Linux 8.10

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