Open source, Open mind.

This page contains free software, you may redistrube as long as you don't try to sell it.
These games were made for practice and for my love of computer programming.

all source code for these apps is located @
Ports to Linux targeted for Ubuntu , in ready to install .deb debian packages:
Download Free Linux Games

Windows/Mac Release Builds

MutatrisHD for MacOS 10.6 and Windows (32 bit)

How to Play
Line up rows of blocks in horizontal, vertical, or a cube of the same type. The twist
is When a block is not supported (no block beneath it) it moves down until there is a block
below or the bottom of the grid. It may be tricky to figure out the controls at first, but
you have to rotate the grid x and y axis.

Left Arrow - move left
Right Arrow - move right
Down Arrow - move down
Up Arrow - move inwards depth wise
'a' key - to shift blocks
'e' key - to restore rotation to home
's' key: rotate +x axis
'd' key: rotate -x axis
'z' key: rotate +y axis
'x' key: rotate -y axis
Escape key to quit any time
Written in C++ using OpenGL.

How to use on OS X:

Download MutatrisHD.dmg file
Open MutatrisHD.dmg file
Double click MutatrisHD icon.

How to use for Windows:

Unzip file to directory
Open exe from directory

Download [ MutatrisHD for OSX 10.6 ] [ MutatrisHD for Windows ]

Current (a Puzzle Game)

Description: Current is a new spin on MasterPiece where the blocks move both up and down. Written in C++

Download [ Windows ] [ OS X Snow Leopard ]


Description: This is a version of Mutatris (originaly a game I wrote with MX ) for Mac OS X (intel Leopard). It is written using Qt 4.5.1 from Trolltech and uses OpenGL for the games graphics. It is a window based game versus fullscreen/single window. It is a unique game that has its own rules different from masterpiece to learn these rules click how to play in the help menu. Written in C++

Download [ QtMutatris for Mac OS X Leopard ]

Ultimate MasterPiece3D OS X (intel)

Description: OpenGL Implementation of MasterPiece for Mac OS X on intel platforms. Written in C++

Download [ Download Page ]

Mutatris (Alpha)

Description: Mutatris is a Puzzle Game similar to tetris and columns. Connect 4 blocks in a square or in horizontal or vertical lines. Blocks fall when they have no support and move one each update shift. This makes for interesting combinations. Written in C++

Download [ Download Page ]

Super Stoner 420

Description: Fun 2D Spoof video game were the object is to laugh and pass all the levels. Takes a bit of practice. I suggest using a Controller instead of the keyboard. Written in C

Download [ Windows ] [ OS X Snow Leopard ]

The Original MasterPiece

Description: recompiled it with mingw32 and made it run in windowed mode, as well as fixed some syntax errors. Written in C++

Download [ Windows ] [ OS X ] [ Java ]


Description: This game was something I put together fairly quickly. The original idea was to have the user press different keys and the vision in the background would change into different things. The concept is in the application but is not really the type of concept you would use in this type of application. All practice to me, a way to learn. Written in C++

Download [ Windows ] [ OS X ]

HPPD Simulation 1.1 (UPDATED)

Description: This version of HPPD Sim is much cleaner and compiled with better tools. Looking back on my old code I realize its a complete mess. but so was I at the time I wrote it. How it works:
Press Enter to start the distrubance, tap space to lower the distrubance level. Tap space faster to lower it further when you release it will fluxate back to its normal mode. Also if you use the arrow keys a new image will appear. Press space to lower the distrubance and it will intergrate with the new picture , once you stop pressing space it will return to normal level. Use the up and down arrow keys to shift the direction of the fuzz up or down. Press the "a" key to reduce the distortion, and the "s" key to increase it.
That is the basic algorithim, of how the 'visions' I 'see' move in. I can hold them in as hard as I can by focusing my mind but soon as I stop everything blurs and turns back into energy. Also when looking at different objects or thinking about different colors it will intergrate the colors or distrubances into my 'vision' Written in C++.

Download [ Windows ]

Index of Static Fuzz

Description: New Program using MX Library, use the left and right arrow keys to tune the level of fuzz. Written in C++

Download [ Windows ]

freeES (Free Entertainment System)

Description: A very early build of freeES comes with a few plugins
and a under developed user interface. No bells and whistles yet.. However it is functional and the demos do work.. Demos include, Online update support, online mxl viewer, 2D columns, a functional console. Fully functioning package manager and package format. Written in C++

Download [ Windows Beta ]

A Image distorted with AlphaFlame

Description: Application to distort images and create new combinations of pixels never seen before. This algorithm is based off a alpha blend and flame algorithim with a function to 'morph' the data. Written in C
Download old version [src] [win32-exe] [OS X]

There is now a new updated HD version of AlphaFlame written in C++. Be sure to read the included readme for instructions.

AlphaFlame HD: [ Windows ] [ MacOS X 10.6 ]

AlphaFlame HD Launcher Mac OS X

Description: A user interface for using afhd, includes afhd. Written in Objective-C and C++.

Download [ OS X ]

SuperMasterKong DirectX9

Description: I saw my friend Melvin the other day for the first time in a long time, he had done the music for this game. So I thought Id post it. Heres two working versions that uses DirectX 5/9. Be Sure to have updated Drivers. Written in C++

Download [ Windows DirectX9 ] [ Windows DirectX5 ]

Thought Matrix (Graphical Demo)

Description:A application to distort images. A joke on my thoughts because when I was 16 I saw the matrix while I was trippin on acid, and after that I thought I was neo for a long time. Hehe so this program is basicly a artistic expression on my thoughts. Written in C

Download [src] [linux-binary/win32-exe]

Command line tools

aftool - Software used to create hppd images
Description: This is the tool used to create a lot of this sites graphics.

Download [ aftool on the WebSVN ]

b2o - binary to C source file for resources.
Description: this tool will convert files to C source code file for use as resources in C/C++ Programs.

Download [ b2o for Windows. ]
Download [ b2o WebSVN project ]

mxClamp (mxd archiver)
Description: mxclamp is what is used to create compressed mxp packages for mxp-i for freeES as well as for mxClamp in mxlib. This is a win32 port of the tool. Written in C++

Download [ mxClamp for Windows ]

OS X Clip
A tool which combines pbcopy and pbpaste functionality for Mac OS X. Written in Objective-C.

Download [ OSX Clip ]