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My Thoughts About Life

I was just thinking and thought I would talk about some parts of my thoughts.

I had a tough time with dealing with reality when I was in my late teens. I was starting to experience the early stages of schizoaffective disorder. I also was using drugs like LSD and Ecstasy, which compounded the problem. When I was 18 I had my first psychosis. It took me by the neck and produced the worst experience I have had in my life. Everything was going on in my mind was real to me, but not based on fact. I lost control of my thoughts and took a long time before I was able to think clearly again. Shortly after I got out of the hospital I overdosed on morphine. If that was not enough of a scare to get my life straight I continued to abuse drugs.

I am not saying I did not feel good or think positive while using drugs. The come down always sucked but the high was good. I have taken medication ever since I was 18. I separate in my mind between psyche meds and other drugs. My thoughts move in cycles and so do my behaviors. I wandered around in circles trying to overcome something that is impossible to defeat while always bringing back into the situation what caused the problem.

So what did I do to change this pattern? Well I just surrendered and went through some painful months and tried to rearrange my thoughts. I thought about it, meditated and prayed about it and eventually was able to move past it. I am not saying I am perfect or will always be sober for the rest of my life but right now I just do not feel like using anything. It is too much effort to always try and recreate the experience of positive feelings when coming down and having to use again. I take medications and that is enough for me right now.

Sometimes I think to myself what I could have become if I did not fall down the path that I did. Then I think about it again and realize that this experience is what was required to teach me what I wanted to learn in this life.

So what do I have to look forward to in life?

I love writing computer software its what gives me meaning in life. I love writing software image/video filters and effects. I also love C++ and Objective-C. I love reading books about software engineering and sharing my ideas and code with other people. There is a lot of good things about me and my life. If I just focus on these positive aspects it makes life much more enjoyable.

Meditation is a large part of my life now. I meditate everyday and love to listen to guided meditation. I am constantly moving higher and going deeper. Everyday my thoughts expand and I get a little bit closer. Meditation is a beautiful expression of mind and teaches me how to love.

Until later
With Love,

- Jared Bruni

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UPDATE @ Wed Jun 14 09:04:55 PDT 2017
Added new version of Acid Cam v2.1.9. New filters/menu design. Download.

UPDATE @ Sun May 14 09:59:54 PDT 2017
Acid Cam for macOS supports 4K resolution so added a sample in 4K on YouTube. Acid Cam v2 Qt is now supported on Raspberry Pi 3/Raspbian.

UPDATE @ Sun Jan 8 10:58:07 PST 2017
Added new version of Acid Cam (v2.1.1) and a few new blog posts. Be sure to check out my GitHub page.

UPDATE @ Thu Dec 15 16:42:56 PST 2016
Updated bug report page with current projects on GitHub. Been working on Acid Cam v2.1.0 and adding new videos to the YouTube channel.

UPDATE @ Sun Jun 19 00:37:30 PDT 2016
Added XChip project to the blog I helped work on with my friend on GitHub.

UPDATE @ Thu Apr 7 11:56:17 PDT 2016
Added new version of Acid Cam for MacOS X.

UPDATE @ Wed Apr 6 08:52:07 PDT 2016
You can now download Acid Cam from Google Play.

UPDATE @ Fri Apr 1 09:59:08 PDT 2016
Finally signed up for twitter you can follow me here.

UPDATE @ Wed Oct 28 10:45:42 PDT 2015
This site now has a BitTorrent Tracker so I can share larger files.

UPDATE @ Sat Sep 12 04:07:24 PDT 2015
Added fixed versions of Super Stoner 420 and Apps collection that fix the issues with the software when running on MacOS X Yosemite.

UPDATE @ Mon Jun 15 15:35:52 PDT 2015
Spent a long time trying to figure out why OpenCV would not compile on Yosemite. Figured it out and statically linked Acid Cam VR 1.1 with the libraries so you no longer need the MacPorts version of OpenCV installed to /opt/local for it work. It should work as long as you have the Oculus Runtime.

UPDATE @ Sat Jun 6 16:11:40 PDT 2015
Added Acid Cam VR for Oculus Rift DK2 to the site with a version for Windows and MacOS X.

UPDATE @ Sun May 17 14:39:14 PDT 2015
It seems the first version of Acid Cam (1.7.7) is incompatible with MacOS X Yosemite for some reason. So if you using Yosemite just pick up version 2 of the program.

UPDATE @ Tue May 12 14:48:53 PDT 2015
Bad news, seems apple deprecated and now dropped support for one of the libraries that SDL 1.2 that I used to compile the majority of the games on this site. So that means I have to recompile and repackage the majority of these programs to get them to work on Yosemite. So the last version supported was 10.9.

UPDATE @ Fri May 8 10:30:56 PDT 2015
Added our first program for the Oculus 2. It requires that you at least have have the Oculus 2 Runtime.

UPDATE @ Wed Feb 11 11:24:23 PST 2015
Added a few new posts to my blog and have been adding new examples to my C++11 Repository

UPDATE @ Sat Dec 13 17:27:03 PST 2014
Added up to date version of Acid Cam 2 for Microsoft Windows.

UPDATE @ Wed Dec 10 11:12:16 PST 2014
The Site has been redesigned and its looking great. Thanks to my friend Daniel Daley who designed the page.

UPDATE @ Thu Oct 9 11:12:06 PDT 2014
Added a image file with the different LostSideDead graphics programs I have created. AlphaFlame HD Launcher needs to be copied to /Applications .

UPDATE @ Thu Oct 2 17:32:12 PDT 2014
Added a new version of Acid Cam v2.0.17 for Ubuntu Linux

UPDATE @ Fri Sep 19 15:19:11 PDT 2014
Made this music video with Alpha Flame HD quite a while ago, check it out!

UPDATE @ Fri Sep 12 14:56:55 PDT 2014
Added a compressed Archive containing the source code for Acid Cam 2 to the site.

UPDATE @ Thu Sep 11 14:51:50 PDT 2014
Added a video demonstration of Acid Cam for iPhone.

UPDATE @ Fri Aug 29 12:20:41 PDT 2014
Updated Acid Cam to version 2.0.16. Added all the filters from AF_Filter and you can now jump to any frame when processing a video.

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