LostSideDead Games Volume 4

LostSideDead Games are homebrew games written for practice and full source code for each is available for download.

Download LostSideDead Games Volume 4 for Windows x64

Games included are:

Super Stoner 420:

This is a funny joke game where Super Stoner must make it through all the levels with only 10 lives. To play use the arrow keys to move, and press the A key to jump, or S key to fire your gun.


This is my latest puzzle game you can play it in your browser: Here. How it works is you must line up the number sequence of the same colored block 1,2,3 or 3,2,1 and it will clear either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Use the arrow keys to move the blocks left and right press up arrow to shift the colors, press space to rotate the blocks.

Generic Puzzle Game:

This game is similar to Columns, its written in Rust unlike the other games that are C/C++. Use the arrow keys to move the blocks, press A and S key to shift the colors, Z and X keys to rotate. Line up 3 or more in either a horizontal, vertical, or diagnoal line to clear.


This game is similar to Columns, press the arrow keys to move the blocks, A and S to shift the colors, line up 3 or more of same color in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line.

Download Full Source Code on: GitHub