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Ultimate MasterPiece3D

This is a 3D Version of MasterPiece written in OpenGL
for Mac OS X/Windows/Linux. I know I have made 800 billion different versions
of MasterPiece, but this is the one to end them all.
Runs smooth, blocks are texture mapped, and the controls
work great.

How to Play
Move the blocks, line up 3 of the same color in a row either horizontal,
vertical or diagonal to clear them. Try not to fill the grid up
for as long as possible while racking up points.


Left and Right arrows, move blocks left and right
Up switch blocks

Z and X keys to rotate the X axis
C and V keys to rotate the Y axis
D and F keys to rotate the Z axis

- { Jared Bruni };

Download [ Ultimate MasterPiece OS X ] [ Windows ] [ i386 ubuntu Linux ]