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LostSideDead OS X Apps version 1.6

LostSideDead OS X Apps is a DMG image that contains quite a few little fun programs for OS X. It includes:

3d trip - a graphical demo
alphaflame OSX - another graphical demo
afgui - a image filtering program
atari-vm - a virtual machine
lostmasterpiece - a trippy game
MAsterX-ovDM - a enviorment for Python (username: Jared password: masterx)
mp3d OSX - 3D puzzle game
Mutatris a puzzle game *FIXED*
Ultimate MasterPiece3D - a 3D puzzle Game
MasterPiece - The Original MasterPiece puzzle game
Current - a new spin on MasterPiece
Super Stoner 420 - a fun 2D spoof of Mario

Download it here: LostSideDead Snow Leopard Demos