Mastery is a continuous process of constant expansion and movement towards a higher goal. A never ending cycle of practice. Programming mastery is when you take that concept and apply it to writing software. To be good at anything you have to practice. Once you get the hang of it, its just about improving that skill. I remember when I first started when I was a teenager. I did not really understand what I was doing but I knew it was fun. I wrote some Visual Basic programs and I knew then I wanted to be a programmer. Once I made the jump to C++ I did not fully understand what exactly a lot of the code meant. It took many years before I had that 'ah ha' momment and it all clicked into place.

If you want to learn C++ I suggest buying a few books. Really read them and practice. Write programs with all the new things you learn so you can solidify them in your memory. I have written hundereds of programs and I keep them all on my website. If there is something I cannot exactly remember how to do I just look up my code. Keep a running log of your examples/programs and use them as a reference.

Learning C++ is not the easiest thing if you do not have any prior experience with programming. However I believe it is a great language to start out with because you will learn from the begining how to do things. Do not be afraid of language features instead master them. Be aware that you will make mistakes and you can learn from those mistakes. Like anything in life it takes effort to achive what you want.

If you are still learning C++ I have written some Tutorials to help you in your quest. Below is a playlist with the different tutorails I have created so far. The earlier videos you must watch in full screen on a computer because of the size of the font I was using. Later videos use a larger font so you can watch it in whatever screen size you need. Good luck, and remember "Practice makes the Master".