Acid Cam v2.0.16 for Mac OS X

Acid Cam v2.0.16 for Mac OS X

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Acid Cam v2
is a application that turns your webcam or video files into a interactive work of art. Version 2 is a complete rewrite. It is now available on Mac OS X (64 bit intel). It now writes to a video file on the fly so there is no more waiting for the video to process. It contains new filters, old filters and the ability to select a video file instead of a live camera. The video file is saved to the location specified in the save prefix. So to save to the Desktop select it enter a file name and start the session. The file will be saved to the location specified by the prefix by adding to the prefix New version contains option to select what output file type (MOV or AVI) and a custom filter where you can apply more than one filter each frame. However it is recommended that you use a video file for this feature due to it slowing down the program dependent on how many filters you select.
Note: The application does not currently support audio.

Included Filters:

Self AlphaBlend
Blend #3
Negative Paradox
Blend Fractal
Blend Fractal Mood
Color Accumulate
Color Accumulate2
Color Accumulate3
Rainbow Blend
Rand Blend

New in version 2.0.16 all the filters from AF_Filter are now included.
You can also jump to any frame when processing a video.

Supported Video File Types: mov, avi, mkv, mp4, m4v

Download Acid Cam 2 (Direct):
Download Acid Cam 2 (MacUpdate):
Download Acid Cam 2 (Softpedia):
Download Source Code:
Download Up to date Source code: ... 27&peg=227
Source Code requires you have the proper header files I recommend using MacPorts or editing the include search paths.

Set focus to window and press the following keys to control the application.

Escape to quit
's' take a snapshot of current frame
'x' reset alpha
'l' draw offset increased (change filter)
'o' draw offset decreased (change filter)
'n' toggle negative of current image
'p' toggle pass 2 enabled
'h' slide show activated/deactivated
'j' Rand filter when slide show is
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