NONE of the Text Directly imposes my opinion on anything

just states of mind, and relationships between idea

and dream. I mean no disrespect to any relegion

or dream or idea anyone holds. Its simply a puzzle

the meaning " evolve ", practice and change

Laughing little rhymeS all in my heaD

end of the world she said

what i was fed when i was dead.

into the Lost side dead

a pyschedelic string induced by the master on lsd

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"Im Not Insane , Just Devious in my Sanity"

-LlmaSterD- (masteronlsd)



1 1 1 1 1

1 1


in the end its the same

"no more crimes

have some pie

yeah i heard it to

trees man

on the choo choo

yet no more tickets for you?

"When you are tripping the fuck out, and are going back into the confused state of emptiness, chase down the feelings reason, chase down its cause for the emotion, read over the situation, and focus on the feeling, and change it into joy, understand you are not bad, understand you are beautiful for who you are, and absolutely nothing else matters, because everything else is just a large orchestration in your head. "

it has absolutely nothing to do with drugs, and it never fuckin did, just the actions

you say ? why written this way?

To play with meanings, hide meanings, and open up another potential layer of communication.

stoners live and stoners die,

and we make type0's to.--=> or did i? the words melting in

not an event

the driving force pushes the words out

whoa it connects man.


"as the illusion unfolds, the master is shown"

prefacE: thE LittLE LiE in itS hEaD

"in my minds eye,ill find the crease,

a single tear, once seemed to not cease,

tears i do want to cry,

the tears to set me free, to find thee

the tears, are of joy, and now seep from inside of me"

mind wide open, not knowing what’s going on, something fell out, and it goes on and on:


chemicals that we are supposed to regularly intake in are natural environment are removed due to many factors: from the food we eat, the way we think, and the way we act, it is in turn replaced with other chemicals , which should not be in are bodies and cause us to be disruptive and confused inside, naturally we would not be this way. but because of man's interventions from the beginning of our existence from the start of organized religion, which taught man to communicate in order to pass on there psychotic beliefs and ideas, christianity and other negative religions, witch in term are for 'brain washing' there victims, and taking there money from them, while they live rich in there 'heaven' feeding off of your life, which is there existence here without having the to put out the effort to survive., now you in turn work hard your whole live waiting, in 'hell'. we are animals, we belong in are natural environment, we are so used to being spoiled by what we think we 'need' to live, which is just a privilege? 'tv, school, money, books television', money is the evil that has killed us all. Because of this greed people stopped caring about who they are and there lives, surviving, and being in peace with the earth, there is no use in being scared of death, you are supposed to die, and be recycled so that way life can live on, trying to hang on to a single life because of ones external resources, or personal feelings is completely selfish. We Wage A Never-ending War On Are Own Mother, its most likely because you are taught that you have to feel bad, when feeling is bad is totally up to you. You are in control of your brain, its your engine to control your body, to move around in your environment, you tell it everything what to do, you tell it everything not to do, its just that are thoughts are threaded through are heads in layers, some of are thoughts, which we don’t think of, (they just happen at a lower level are subconscious, to remove the tedious task of having to repeatedly think of doing that to get it the thoughts task done) then in turn it is hard to remove that feeling, because is almost set in stone, it is possible however, through mediation and understanding and realizing what i am trying to say to you.. We are Human beings, we are animals, We Are love, there is no hate, hate is just misunderstanding, and causing self inflicted wounds in your head. there is really no love, love is life, and life is love, everything that exists is one, and works together in harmony, and everything inside of me is the same as inside of you, we are no different in anyway except for the external form of which we our forced to take. We just take different forms to adpart to are environments otherwise how else could we exist?. we are in heaven, right now, because there is nothing else stop wasting your life waiting for something after you die just to get recycled and do it all over again, while a few people get to sit around and do nothing but get off on you, tell you there smarter, so you feel dumb, tell you your ugly , so you feel ugly, show you on the television, exactly what they want you to see, exactly how they want to portray themselves, on there time, exactly the way they want. they repeat the lies in your head, and get you so deeply involved in it. Once they have you repeatedly seeing something that you think is true, because of how you see it portrayed, over and over, and over, eventually you register in that, in your head, so that you no longer, so that you don’t have to constantly, think to yourself, and assign that item, its value, rather it is assigned once: and is usually very hard to change after repeated view. Why do you think the Perfect Girl is the one the TV Portrays. Why do you think you actually truly feel attracted, to just the body you see. When you know for fact inside, that you just don’t want to be alone, you want to be a part, you long for the person you love, not the person who will get you the best fuck. We Lie to ourselves, Because we have been lied to. Can you Really think that you would have come to most of these conclusions naturally? or have the people around you, who all do the same thing, circle around the television, for the majority of there lives, and are kept busy while they are used, and continue to hurt themselves, and are fellow animals, influenced your opinions at all, based upon what they thought were there opinion's, based upon what there heard from someone else, and so forth , until the top of this 'tree' is reached, were we find the source, something everyone, and everything see's that displays' all the messages, that we do not need. And Is Not Ok. It Is Not Ok To Murder For Fun, it Is Not Ok To Hurt People You Love, it Is Not Ok To Be Selfish, It is not Ok, to Expect that we 'HAVE' to be doing something to Keep busy, it Is Not Ok For Us to Be Living In This Way, It Is Not Ok. now while your thinking, notice how you start to hurt others around you without even knowing your doing it just because of what your feeling, your so used to only thinking of you you you, but what your forgetting is that there is no you, there is only us. there is no you there is only us. there is no you there is only us. there is no you there is only us. there is no you there is only us. there is no you there is only us. there is no you there is only us. there is no you there is only us. there is no you there is only us. its all ok , feel there is only us. there is only us. what happens, when you find out what is going on , and the people who are getting rich, manipulating us other monkeys , who are trained from young, to believe in life after death, think of them selves, and that everyone is not the same, and its ok to hurt people because of the examples they see around them, everything everyone else does, is because they saw someone else do it , or how else could they see them self doing it. they then put that into you, make you hurt, make you start thinking of all the negative stuff going on inside of you, because of the fact of what you are deprived of. your natural existence. telling people that things are bad that are natural , causes SEVERE confusin in the mind, and people to start tripping the hell out. it makes people act out in all sorts of negative ways that keep us busy while they gather are services, and are lives decay. You know that money is merely paper that means jack shit, but they just pretend it does , so that we think it does, and start tripping the hell out over some stupid paper, and already do the real values of what we are to be paid (the work), which once is done, cannot be taken back, in return for something, which has in turn really no value at all, just a piece of paper with some pretty stamps on it. why the hell are we killing each other for no reasons. why the hell are we manipulating everyone, why the hell don’t you people start acting like what you are fucking animals, and stop acting like what your not , which is the almighty 'human beings'. By Killing Our Fellow Animals, We Are Killing Our Selves, We Need Them, just as much as they need us, they are not something of which we can stake a claim, or act as if they our a product. why don’t we get back on track, and get into touch with who we are before its to late and we destroy are selves, why cant i just get back home, it feels like my world has been invaded. I Have as much right as any of you to exist. And You have no right to dictate how we all exist, they will not agree, but they have no right to argue (for it is not meant), 'this is that, or i was here first, or i have this gun, or i have this paper' , its all a bunch of lies, a bunch of tricks and magic, to get me to fall into your trap, silly little games, that were messed from the start, it is snow balling into something disastrous, we are a infected. If you really think about were Only hurting each other, because we want to. ANY AND ALL Mental Walls, are Breakable, and Penetrable, its just do you really want to. We Are Energy, You Can Feel Your Energy, in yourself, (if you make your body listen, and focus on it, and cause it to build until a point, were you can no longer take the intense feeling.) this is only chance, because the way we are going, we are slowly killing are selves, and everyone around us. why the hell do we think it is ok to kill other beings, tree's animals, manipulate them, why do we try to play the event, which brought us to this existence, instead of living in this existence, in harmony of who we are, and what we are, rather then what we have done, and destroyed. to get are selves back to were are supposed to be , get are selves, back to were im not psychotic, ORDERING THE THOUGHT, BRINGS UPON PAIN AND SUFFERING, BECAUSE ONE NOW CAN CONTINUOUSLY FOCUS ON A NEGATIVE THOUGHT, BECAUSE OF REPEATING PRACTICE, AND INSTRUCTION FROM OTHERS, IF THIS WAS NOT SO, THERE MIND WOULD BE MORE WANDERING, FREE. i want you to understand im trying to type this in a fast as possible manner, because i am very lazy, and don’t like having to order my thought, when it is totally unnecessary and brings me nothing but a annoyance, which is a unnatural feeling, because we are NOT supposed to do that, and stop yelling at me saying im supposed to because, that’s trying to convince me of your point, and in turn BRAIN WASH ME, into believing nothing but a bunch of bullshit. i believe in what i believe in, and what i believe is me, and if you do not like, me or feeling mad, or feel like im crazy, and i don’t know what im talking about think to your self, why am i thinking, that why am i repeating, the same thing over and over in my head, if its not even my belief, if its something i was TOLD, not something i came to believe, things we come to believe are, are truths, because we know it is true inside, we are being manipulated into this fake thought, by we what are told is to be true, which in turn , is not, just a lie, made up to make someone confused, so that they can manipulate them, and live in there so called luxury, which is really destruction. , selfish beings of higher levels of thought have come here. and taught people to believe in there so called gods, or religions, when the gods, were really them, and we just going to use us to there advantage. they in turn gave the monkeys knowledge, of a deceitful source, false feelings of peace, and false hope, so we would be more compliant in are tasks.. they monkeys in turn, abused that knowledge and used it for there own primitive emotions, and to benefit them selves, in the best possible way they could, everything they we live for is a lie. everything we are is them. and everything we need to be , is not lost. chemicals, which open the mind, are removed from the environment, it also causes are ability to focus, on subjects, and communicate with each other , to dissolve, and become varied, and hard, they teach us to communicate with sounds, or external noises, which make it hard, to get, real feelings across, rather they receive thoughts of what they were taught from young, not of what they believe. everything which is true, you are and only know, and is here with you from birth, because you have been are from the start, you are life, and we are one. other illegal drugs drugs taken out of are environment, which give us feelings of joy and happiness, but also cause damage, to the body (duH! so does everything else). point. there is no sadness, only the removal of happiness, which is due to what we lack, which gives us the feeling of feeling ok, and not worrying about are wants, and just worry about are lives, and who we are, like we were intended to. what we do now, is suffer because we do not have what is rightfully ours. that is are natural lives. we all long for something, we all long to be free, we all long to go home, to were we came from., are heaven, are planet , are earth. Levels of Thought , Peoples Handles, and How to Communicate .<. ------------- Are Reality, is Of Are Thought, and So Are We, we are interconnected within each other in layers. The external reality, is for getting around, and finding values of which you can intake, and use in more positive and constructive, and effective ways, then of the more deceitful type of communication, which is that of word of mouth. Everyone and everything has a value, just like everything in this computer, people can then be found by associating your thought with there value. There value is found by the look they have in there eyes, not the actual eyes, but this feeling you feel inside of you, and you know it to be them, this is easier to find with people you love, but if you try hard enough, everyone is penetrable. just stare them in the eyes, many users of hallucinogenic drugs know exactly what i am talking about. because a drug like LSD 'resets' the mind basically , crushes through mental blocks like a hot knife through butter, the walls come crashing, and so does your sanity. there are safer alternatives to coming into touch with your spiritual side, such as meditation. meditation is something that everyone, should be taught from the day they could sit still. meditation is something powerful. my definition of mediating is taking your consciousness down to a lower level of operating , so you can stop, and realize, sense what is really there, and erase un-normal, implanted parts of you , which you did not ask for but were given when young., once you master entering this state, and learn the fundamentals of controlling it you can then alter your realities, and communicate with each other, in the fashion we are supposed, with are feelings, not are words, there is no reason to explain, when all you have to do is close your eyes, and everything you need to know is already there., anything else would just be 'civilized' which is nothing but destruction. You are always aware and open to others , its just that your not listening. they are sending you the signals, without them even knowing it. it is carried out in the subconscious thought, and is not brought to the top, and there fore cannot be changed, but can be heard. To send out this same type of message, that we should already naturally know how to do, (if none of the standard methods, of communication were taught to us , i believe that we would all adapt back to how we used to communicate, just like how other life forms do. expressions, and thoughts, without the need for a sound. Sending the Message: Messages, to others cannot be of words. They can only be of something, that the person who is 'receiving' knows of, because it is something that is really real, not something that is distorted in your head, and is your perception of real. now someone who doesn’t understand your current perception is in turn confused, and loses the data of which you were trying to send. What only can be sent is feelings, or shared memories. something of which you both understand, and conceive in the same manner (all basic instincts, and thoughts, are in are blueprints, and we all share of them, so there fore they can all be submitted back and forth to each other., because we carry the parts needed , for the item to be executed. its only, are you looking. some of the feelings you get inside of are a external origin. we get them confused with are true feelings, and in turn stop feeling what is really there, and start feeling what is implanted there. the implantation is a infection of not the physical sort, but of the mental. which is given off by others, without there knowledge in there subconscious thought., because they are suffering. just about everyone in this world is totally out of there minds. i cannot believe how strong the mental walls, and blocks, are in all of you. i cannot believe how we do this to are selves, how can you all , really be so selfish? when there is no individual you? you aren’t hurting just yourself, your hurting every single one of us, every single time. no excuses , and no shit. How can we only think of are selves, and think of are selves as better then are own brothers, are fellow life forms, and in turn are going to ruin it for us all. Your Addictions, to Greed, and External False Happiness, with not just the cost of your own life, but the destruction of just about everything else. What we are doing right now is destroying are world. We all talk of the end, because we are starting it. It is to late, and does not matter. Soon life as we know it will end because it is unnatural, and all that is unnatural, is erased and started over. I Understand Now how do i make It Stop take a step back, stop focusing on you so called reality and start focusing on what your feeling, not what your introducing into your feeling. this can only be done, by clearing the mind, the removal the repeated never ending constant thought down to a almost quite, repeating peaceful tune. the body is let go, and your true self, and reality is then revealed to you. There is More to Your Reality, Then What you See, hear, and feel. its all around you and your all around it To Stop the Lies . When you are tripping the fuck out, and are going back into the confused state of emptiness, chase down the feelings reason, chase down its cause for the emotion, read over the situation, and focus on the feeling, and change it into joy, understand you are not bad, understand you are beautiful for who you are, and absolutely nothing else matters, because everything else is just a large orchestration in your head.

what has scared us:

teaching people, that because of personal gratification, running over others and themself is ok; this in turn causes people to become confused, and tangled in a addiction of hurt, and false happiness. (false happiness: happiness, which in fact feels real, but is of a invalid, contradictory source, which is really not happiness, but twisted self-lies (which have been created in the mind, in order to remove the tedious function of having to fall through a phase of 'guilt', so that the person inflicted, can move around with his addiction, without even knowing he is hurting himself. It is his addictions way of tricking his mind into following this cycle until he dies, and can inflict as many others with this wound as possible, without even knowing they are doing it, in order so they can continue to live on , in the only way they know, that of which that hurts) and when people, try to 'help' others, who are in fact inflicted with the same-thing as them, but just act - out in other ways, by telling them, that what they do is 'bad', and treating them as non-equal's, and as less, causes them to, in fact think of themselves as bad, but not on the conscious level, but on the lower, and causes them to reach a degree of unstability, until were they crack. They are no longer themselves, they are what, they were molded into, people who hurt more. when someone is hurt, they are weak, something that is weak, is easily manipulated into doing what they are unconsciously told they are. and begin to truly believe a fact of which is false, and try to come to terms with and cope with lies, which causes intense confusion, and loss of trust. WE all think and act the same, it is just some of us, are tangled in a forever loop:

It seems, as though , I must stimulate something in my mind

that is already there, accessible, and continuously built from this energy or this function, until it builds to a point, were I can, use it to construct different levels of thought, and create other patterns of behavior, that dictate of what I was sickened of the future:

The illness in my Head:

Part 1 In The Sky:

What the Fuck?

broken brainwashed bubble, ripped out of my head

im wide awake, and this is what i fuckin said.


intoxicated lsd warped

everything which is written within this text,

is written in the method, of the track of the thought of my mind

i consciously choose not to follow direct english syntax,

to fit my own personal style of text, that best expresses, what

i wish to say, in the method of which, i wish to say it.

little rules, do nothing but waste my time, but i follow a way

that will let you understand in good time.

yet Wide Awake im Strapped In Alone

its Something which feels astray, it creates the loss,

hides me away

forces you out, i cant let you through,

if you dont get back ill break down all of you

smashing it shut, wiring it in

pulsing aside, for im melting the sideways in

Infinite Madness Tripping Me through

its all around

slipping down whispers , stealing from you

pulling me around,

making me go, confused? got lost in the wind,

increased the limitless spin, notice massive damage sink in

used all my parts, stenciled your sin

slammed faked my trust , and you stuck it right in

loop end of rape trapped within a tangled escape

left me open , seems nothing will stop forceful push

walking backward in rush, living in your nothin

made me fall a hush, you hadda stick back a part

melted in the heart , fucking wasted from start

stole what was wrong with me, broke old parts of me

slammed my anatomy, created this catastrophe:

LEFT Me HERE, Im Stuck INSIDE, its Already BROKE,

I Feel it BURNING Inside, Remove It NOW,

Let Me DIE

its Melting Me Backward , its Everywhere Inside, but I just

let it win, push me around, force me to spin

Eats Me Inside, The Non-Existent Self-Inflicted Win

pressed the breaks , but i still fell down again

embrace my thought, loosens me so, pushes the memories

but some just wont go,

screaming it up forward, going backwards way up

pressing with all hope, something coming into scope:

' Im Stuck In My Connection, Not Floating Remote

Unnoticed Knowledge, a crafty note, THOUGHT!

Might Have Forgot, But It Did Not

Yes Listening Now, Feel Light up Above

Energy Coming, Please Take Me Into Your Love '

The World Im Living In

this place i woke up in , is a warped down beaten place

little rock floating in space

owned by something, which wants to get higher then me,

its vast, and is standing on top of me,

im seeing past what it says, and im saying what i think,

these are my thoughts, and they begin

with the blink.

Before the Sound

born in a world drowned with infection of your piss.

sounds, and desires, of wisdom, i truly miss,

no matter what the cost, and no matter what you say,

these are my thoughts, and opinions, and im going

to say them anyway.

im not crazy, just got a big mouth, so what if im wrong,

it was just a thought .. why are you so upset, whats

your anger really about?

And In The Beginning

eye stuck in the middle, yet so far away,

fitting in tomorrow, walking down yesterday,

coming right into this spot,

little eye, giant in my heart,

the eyes of this serpent, falling apart,

coming back again,

what it said, or filtered, and fucked up in my head

Wham, Shot Right back into this Spot,

hurting inside, broken sores got caught.

woke up in a dream, got lost in the beam

ripping apart, falling down it seems.

where did this happen to go, time is passing,

and were did this point go?

just read me through, and dont get caught,

what im saying is tricky, and speaks out alot.

The Hell of Whenever Im Awake

waking up in the world isnt always the most pleasant thing

to my surprise these days, to the old of my eyes
(no longer) comforting.

the never ending struggle created by the people,

who dont even know they are creating it,

because in the beginning, they were not,

it was established, before seducted.

the bullshit story about my looks, or the words

im saying, is getting old, and its becoming

pretty obvious the true intentions, behind

many of the so called things out there to

'help me'.

why is that i have to go to school until the

earth has gone around the sun 18 times,

from the time i was born?

why is that i have to for 18 passes, hear

the same lies, repeated in my head,

well ok, not lies, but half truths, filtered

in sections, established to bring up

false levels of thought, and security

in true negative times.

why is that because the earth hasnt gone

around 18 times, im not a person?

why dont i have rights?

i think just as much as you, feel just as much

as you,

and bleed just as much as you.

why is that, if i dont go to school, you come

after me , and put me in a box, until i eventually

break and start doing what you ask?

why is that , you get my parents after me,

and why is that,

you lie to them?

and why is it that you are always looking

with your walkie-talkies, and your helicopters,

and your 'project echelon's' , and your

sob sad, b.s story i heard 8000 million

times about how the wonderful god,

knows a bunch of crap and i should do what

he says.

well, i think thats nothing but a bunch of nonsense,

being fed in my head,

and in turn 'brain wash' , or turn me into something

of which i do not want to be.

why are you always pushing on my thought, trying to make

it yours, for any other reason, then to try to change how

i think?

why do you think, that you can just come up off me without

me even saying anything?

why ?

Because you have the guns, and the bombs, and will

you necessary force to kill me, if i get out of line.

the answer for all those questions, lies within your own

mind, ive opened my eyes, and my security is lost indeed,

but i have been blessed with freedom, at the cost of my sanity.

for the sanity i live within now, brings others fear for they do

not understand, for i remove myself from the garbage, and choose

to think for myself.

no duh, im not going to work out my way, its because im not doing

your way, so your trying to push your foot down on top of me

to get me to eventually give in, or be removed.

why is it that, these points, and thoughts are pushed into my life,

almost everyday, and i have to always remove them.

theres only one reason, and pretty much all of us are trying to hide from it.

im not crazy, im just creative and different, and like to indulge in my

fantasy, delusion, and pleasure. but , if you realize, and understand,

everything behind what i say is from positive source, for positivity,

is what drives me, and helps me win this war, for my freedom, because

i know no matte wha,t my love and positive energy's forever

keep me free, no matter the size of the chain, or the box, the mind

will release me.

When ?

whenever i start thinking about the fantasy world, little delusional lala land i live in, i start to think.

where am i? , and why am i here? what is this never ending life, and why am i so full of fear?

who am i, and what am i supposed to know? what are all your meaning's and how do they show,

what am i supposed to become, and why? why did this even begin, and why am i asking why?

all the truths, i really want to know, i never even questioned, and why, were did i end,

and who's really asking inside?

master master in disguise,

master master, eating through your nasty lie

master master, and when did you know?

master master, how the hell did it show?

master master, were do you belong?

master master, never ending beat of this song.

master master, were does it there lie,

master master, repeating the terrible lie.

master master, were shall i go?

master master, what did i know?

master master, see through me

master master

eating out a part of me.

master master, building inside

master master, eating me alive.

master master, how does it go

master master, please let me go

master master, when did you sigh

master master, eat up your filthy lies

master master, im going home

master master, shown and sewn.

repeating down, falling free, ripping out of inside of me

listening here, ill pinch the sound, watching it, as its coming down

melting back home, i wanna be were i belong, dont want to hear,

repeating your song, dont wanna hear it, i gotta get away,

never gave a fuck, why did you try that shit with me anyway?

watching life, pressing down,

i hear the screaming nervous sound.

the people who are here, want to stand on top,

they dont give a fuck about nothing but themselves, and there so called

'happiness', since when did happiness, include the destruction of just

about everything.

? well let me ask the people of this filthy little rock... the monkeys.


you filthy little monkeys.... look what you have soiled, living in your

'luxury' full of sin. yeah so what, yeah this is what you want,

yeah this is great, oh yeah, this is really just nothing but a bunch of sad

little broken, wasteful people, running around in the delusion brought to us

by masses of people who cant think for themselves. now when something

doesnt think for it self, thats usually called a .... slave.. machine.. bot...

i mean, if you were not shown the points of views, most of you live by,

at a early age, and were not taught them, do you really think you would

have come to the conclusion on your own , on alot of the opinions,

and thoughts you currently believe? .. i think not?.. i mean seriously,

if you were never taught that people who are black, are any less then

you , you would always come to the conclusion, that they are equal,

for in the real long-run they are, of the same basic format as you.,

but due to something that was brought to some of your attention

by others thoughts (tv, radio, books etc), then come to the conclusion,

of that based on the opinions of others, for if your opinions differ

there can be un-talked about consequences (remember the black

thing is just a example this goes for mostly all opinions, force-feed

by the so called ' government '.) now what is something, that is apart of

everything. what is something, that is in all of are lives, whether or

not we like it, and have really no way out? what is always on are backs

standing on top of us, picking things out of are pockets, for there

so called ' causes '. since when did i have the freedom of choice?

since when ? never ?, i really am not free, i just have a few options,

on how i want my masters, to fuck me , best, based on my performances

and skills, and how i evolved to best suit there filthy needs.

i mean im a human being, im a person, im a thought, im a life,

im something that feels, i dont deserve to be treated like that,

you say, if there were no rules, there would be anarchy, yeah

if there were no rules, you wouldnt be talking to me, what i see

is just a new argument to focus my attention on, to stall me

for as long as possible, or to remove my thought from me

realizing the fact, that i am free, and i do have the conscious

decision, and ability, to do whatever i need to live, and survive

in my environment, its you just telling me over and over that i

didnt, and making me think its ok, until the point i think its

ok , because i was tricked into that pattern of thought, without

my knowledge (supposedly) . heh.

i mean if i was free, and this stuff belonged to me, then why in hell,

do you have the right to look me over whenever you want , literally

stick your finger in my anus, and pull my pants down.

since when could you harass me, and cause me to have to live

in fear, of men in suits, with guns and bats, who walk around the streets

making sure, that i keep in 'line', well, im curious, what line am

i supposed to stay in, and since when did a free person have

to walk within boundaries?, why cannot i wander through my

life and my world on the terms, of which i was born to?

why cannot i fulfill my destiny as me, rather then this

filthy lie sinful life, of working until i die, just to repeat

it over and over?... i mean alot of the things, we are doing are

totally not necessary, i mean were just runnin around circles,

acting insane. its like the psychotic monkey's on LSD, with

guns and bombs, its pretty wacky and crazy, i mean since when

did all of this happen?

why does the history books, always leave important things out

and bend the truths? i mean they talk about arguments, the

people of the us had on whether or not they should move the

indians, i mean jesus god, <== who gave you the right to even

have the decision to move anyone from there home land.

since when did steal away my life??

since you took over the world.

A Bunch of Lies, and the Big Old C

whoever you are mr. big C

whoever you are, i dont care,

i just want you to get off my back, and stop tripping,

realize, we are going to evolve, and get away from your

tricks because life always comes out on top, my mind,

is reforming itself, to stay away from all your tricks, and soon

will all the people, what your doing is setting yourself up in a box,

i mean after a while these people are going to burst, and then

we will all have nothing. we have plenty to all survive, it is

when we remove all of the source, that everything else dies,

and we are left with nothing, but if we would stay in are natural

line, and evolve the correct way into higher beings, rather

then trying to cheat with wires, we could create something

positive, rather then this big confusing negative load of

monkey banana crap. i dont wanna be a monkey anymore then

any of you, thats why, we should focus all of are minds, and

are energies on helping are bodies and minds, evolving into

beings witch understand one another, and are environments,

so there is no need for law, for we all understand what is life,

and what is necessary to live, and all must come to it on a conclusion

on are own. there is only what there is, and if what there is is

you saying 'you cant do it', then thats whats going to happen,

but if theres you saying 'i can do it', and its happing, eventually

that pattern will get caught , and your wish will come true.

there is only what we make, and any crap thats bothering you

is you making it, so realize. and remove. not try to solve,

theres no answer to your questions, for theres no problem

to solve. you see

negative energy, and negative situations hold the value

of nothing 0.

now when you go to solve a negative situation,

and your wishing to turn its outcome to positive,

what you need to do is

not in turn add more negative energy to the situation.

you see

0 + 0 = 0.

negative energy in a situation, plus the negative energy of you trying to solve

the problem,

in turn really creates

nothing but more problems , but negative energy.

nothing can stop ones path, and negative energy, will just put

rocks in there road.

but there is something else in life, there is something that we have

that no one can steal from us. something with belongs to us,

witch helps us stay alive, which helps us live on, its within all of

us , it drives us, the power of are love.

now when in a negative situation, you bring upon the person

positive energy,

the negative situation, can in fact be turned around, if enough

positive energy is fed in.

now there is a difference between positive energy and so called

'trying to help'

now no one can understand what goes on in anothers head exactly,

yes you can get vague, images and descriptions, and find close assumptions,

that are based on you, but you can never in fact really feel there pain.

you can never really understand why they do what they do only they do

and they know it unconsciously, and are usually trying to hide there real feeling,

and when there real feeling is supposed to come in play, they really bring up

something else that hides it, so they can continue doing what they want to

do, without caring about the consciousness.

you cannot scare someone into following your point..

you can only cause them to hide in a corner, until

it is safe to come out and play again.

A Bunch of Filthy Druggies? or people poisoned in there head.?

And as the Paranoia Sets in

Drugs are something alot more crafty then i

originally imagined... you think you know were there coming from

but you got something comin people. yeah you think its from

johnny drug dealer, well, sometimes it may becoming from somewhere

a little more close to home. hello mr. drug dealer, not whats the point of

this again?

now what happens, when you get high?

drugs, they have a scale, up and down, easy to hard,

the easy, lead up to the hard, and the hard get you in the end.

the easy last for a short while, and can be kicked, but later on

build up to a point were you have gone to far.

now, when im fucked up, im fucked up.

its pretty noticeable by people, because of only a few

things, that have to do with physical features, my mental

state, usually stays in the same area, unless im on

psychedelic's. now we all have the choice,

drugs are available, in are environments, are very

tempting, feel good, but are 'bad', they hurt the

body , but yet make it feel so good, but also,

cause mental conditions, and true meanings to come out

people on the edge, come further, and eventually break,

makes us weaker.

now drugs are usually keep on the DL around here,

people try to keep there mouths shut, but everyone knows

that everyones on it, i say about 4/10 people i see

were i live are fucked up these days especially marijuana

but all the way up to LSD, and METH and XTC.

now drugs, are in are food, there in are drinks, i mean

shit, they are everything. hehe i am what i eat!

drugs are prescribed, to people for the stupidest shit,

we can get shit in bottles way harder then marijuana,

in large never-ending supply's yet thats ok, but it aint

cool to smoke a joint? .. now somethings fishy here?

i dont think that marijuana, crank, acid, or any of that

bullshit has absolutely anything to do with getting

high. its freedom. i think they are purposely picking

chemicals, that we know, most people intake,

and enjoy and are addicting, and can take a large part of your

mind over. now you have the choice to get high or not,

and when you make the choice to get high, eventually

your found out, and are put into a higher level brain washing

facility (jail, rehab etc ) (yeah they keep saying, 'find your higher power',

give in,) fuck that im free not a salve!!! never ill die before im yours!!

anyway, the drugs, are basically like the rat poison, for the people

who dont follow the rules. you dont do what they say, they

find out, and you get all fucked up, screwed in the system and die

and end up doing things and becoming poor, while the ones, that

hold on (but hurt and life sucks), get a little bit more, but are still

used, and tricked, and it helps filter the people. i mean they dont

want everyone to do the same thing. everyone has the same potential

so obviously, blocks have to be set up , to create people to live

within the lower levels of society. you see the rich create the poor,

without all the suffering, they cant live in there 'luxury'. drugs drugs

are a major part of the trick. a a trip or a trap ?.

well so what , marijuana , my beautiful little bud, ill smoke you till

the day i die, never cared, and ill never ask why.

but that dont mean anything, because im still me, im higher then

any chemical, and i can hold on, no matter what the level,

and thats the trick that you dont want me to know,

and thats why.

never was about being high, or the length of my hair or following

your rule, its either become yours, or die. and i am making the conscious

choice to stay me, based on the fact, that if im not me, then ill never

really even live my life anyway, and living my life the right way for

a short period of time, is much better then living a life full of agony


Looking On Back At What I Called a Life

so walking out on my earth, looking back seeing all my lives, and my

hardships, my triumphs, and my wrong doings, i know that there

is still a part deep inside of me, connected to all the people,

and everything i love, and i know that im going to hold on to

that part of me , forever, and its memory, will forever keep me

and all of you, the people i truly love. alive within, echoing, forever.

so ill say, lets move on back to the way,

hey, what did i say, lets move to the right way,

but when is it mine

but when did i know,

this is just my tomorrow.

get out of my tomorrow, flooding in your sorrow,

why did you borrow, living the lie,

and im stuck inside

let me out, im inside , and about to be stop your hurt.


good orderly direction

my ass.

sitting in my room im all alone,

mom wont listen, shes never even home,

telling her i love her, she pushes me away,

ill hear it tomorrow, just make it another day,

shes running real far, and fallin straight down,

stepping on top of me, pushing me into the ground,

i love them all, and this i know, but tomorrow,

ill be gone, and then you will never even know.

Laughing in my Love, Laughing out Loud, Laughing out Little Periods of Love.

When did it ever really stop,

since when did i ever get out of this hurting little spot?

since when could i really feel?

since i saw that im full of love, and it wont let me drown in fear

little sounds, i repeat in the air,

repeating my words, watching the scare,

hearing the sound,

listening to the beautiful call

wondrous sound filling my ears,

washing back time, wiping away my tears

aching my body, yes making it stop,

takes me, home right back to the spot.

im going home, im going home home today yeah

i found my love it was lost in this spot,

beautiful little flowers, filling me to the top,

walking free, i found my home i guess,

never ending sound, wonderfully pressed.

walking away free, i really found me,

i am the one, i wanted to be, love of me

not of what i let of out inside of me.

Shit Aint that A Little Wacky?

Got my head on backwards, im feelin a little tacky,

back is hurting, brain feeling all wacky,

falling face forward, flipping all around

terrible beat, tripping down the sound.

throwing me around.

laughing little rhymes all in my head,

wondrous beat, mystical words said,

unknown versus, that got lost all in my head,

when i hear the word, i know it to be true,

LSD, im inside of you.

What Truth, and Whole Lot of Banana's and Rocks.

The never ending pursuit of the so called goddess of your

desire, your filthy little paper, your dirty little rocks,

your nasty little 'money', your 'currency'. i mean come on...

its so obvious..

ok what happens, one does work, and is paid in a paper,

which can be traded for other things.

yes now while this is ok the in the current 'temporary',

later on, once all the work is done, and the resources,

are gathered, all we are going to be left with is alot of

paper, and really pissed off people.

once the work is done, it is done, and once the world is

gone it is gone, and nothing can bring it back.

the time is upon us, this is are only chance as a race

and we dont seem to really care.

i wonder why, i wonder whats really in are air,

why are the people so sleepy, and not awake?

intoxication? shall i dare intake?

The Television and the Little Drug Gods that Live In Your Head.

Watching your Dirty Tube, as all its disgusting pieces

warp in through your eyes, and get tangled in the layers of

your mind.

everything thats being said your hearing and you dont even know it,

and half the things there saying are immediately aware to most of the people,

but they are aware on the bottom (subconscious mind).

all the information is fed into your mind is small unnoticeable pieces,

information within information if you will, that is sent broken up

in pieces on the bottom of things said, that builds up, and comes

back together to build a complete thought in the subconscious,

witch sways ones opinion on a certain subject without the

persons knowledge.

its repeated over and over and over, until it sinks in,

everyones programmed with something different, that

is really something the same.

think about it , you hear on the t.v. them talking about dogs with fleas,

and on the bottom there saying, buy flea medicine, buy, how much money

you got.. in your head, hey i should buy some flea medicine, how much money

i got?, you didnt know that was said, but it just jumbled up in your head

and you think you thought it, but it was really just the echo of something

you unconsciously heard on the box.

works the same within text, radio , and books,

OH MY , its in the TEXT!! hehe

look at the sentence

Lost Side Dead

now look at it this way

Lost Side Dead

1 2 2 3 3 3

now the word LSD

the first letter of the Word LSD is L

there is one L is lost side dead and is palced first

the second letter of LSD is s,

there are 2 S's in the Word Lost Side Dead,

and they are placed in order after the first L

third letter of LSD placed at the end is D

there are 3 D's in Lost Side Dead, and the Last One

Finishs off the sentence

now when you read the sentence, lost side dead

unconsciously your mind with most likely pick up the word LSD,

hidden within the sentence, and bring up the thought within your

head, having do with drugs or acid, or something related, and swaying

your opinion of the meaning of the sentence without your knowledge.

works the same through music, radio, and the television, in much more

complicated, creative patterns, that get stuck in your head

and cause you the victim, to fall in a trance, and repeat the

actions of what your being shown to do.

ever heard the story about the pied piper who lead the rats out of

the city with his song?

i dont think they are making the monkeys leave, i think there making

them create there 'heaven', while the monkeys struggle in there 'hell'.

never ending drone beat,

pushing you up off your feat,

you shall decide, or was it really inside?

Whisper of the Sound,

empty beat, filling up around,

wide open, i see in the sound,

mystical image, moving around

Uh Oh.... Was it Really a Oh My.

since the beginning the monkey' seems to have been getting a little help

he seems to have fallen down following something, or someone,

who he didnt understand, yeah well a dog's a man's best friend ,

but what i wanna know, who thinks of me as there so-called best friend?

its pretty clear to me, that im not alone, and im positive there

things that are smarter,

but what im seeing, is not beings of intelligence , but of mental

sickness, greed, and sin.

so what , of what you created, but look what i can do without,

is really so much more,

yeah you think im drowning in my sin,

yeah you think your really always going to win,

well let me give you a clue, im not the one, its really you.

why else, wouldnt you, be without you know who.

THE Rapture In MY HEAD

tripping out with dread

acid all in my head it said

walking out red,

turning out the inside of my filthy head

breaking down a part of me,

melting down to the heart of me

filthy words it really said

laughing it out sad and dead.

walking around, mimic my head

lsd is the one it said.

trick me so, force me to go,

little did i know,

its the one , its having all the fun,

its not inside my head,

walking around in the land of the dead.

taking it over, they want it back,

the partys dead.

they gotten into my head.

The Aftermath, brought into the star

shining bright star,

beautiful little place land of far

come to me, i beg of you,

take me away, make me a part of you

let me come, be a star with you.

let me come out, i wanna play

let me be free, i never was a slave anyway

flying away, going really far,

getting real high, falling down real far

moving way far , high right back up

sticking sickness , left out in the spot,

got away, and they never found a trace

went to a place, way out in space

flying high above, filling me with love

the place i always dreamed of.

In My Heaven

in my head, the land right above, inside my head

walking into your love,

i found this place

always was here,

right in my face

never going away, never gonna let it go

for im the one, who will always really know.

you can find me here, whenever you want,

ill be sitting here right forever, in the vastness of this spot.

jared, jared, walking out of his eyes,

jared full of love, mystifying hurting eyes,

jared jared,

hes gotten out,

remember, as i shout



The Night Before:

laughing it, window of what it said,

words returned mimic in my head

blasting till im dead, music in my head

driving me insane, ripping up my brain

fuckin me up, getting me stuck

up in the sky,

fuck this world, we all just wanna get high.

so sit back, get ready,

and watch are mother die.

and it aint no fucking lie.

laughing out loud, outside in the skies.

wondrous evil, mountain of eyes.

im coming inside.

the next day i woke up and they got me (at my home, when i awoke)

While I Was Gone:

hi jared, I do love you......just thought I'd let you know....Rhiannon

" into the bottomless depth of our eyes

outside of the souring sound of our cries

shift of the madness, move it all aside

forgotten and left, but she is in inside "

Part 2 The Fuckin Come-down:

Well, It seems, the day after that writing was completed, i awoke to find myself confronted

by the pigs they took me away, i fell down.

Was it forgotten or just lost in my head?

never ending memory eating me till the day im dead

Lost Her

in her eyes i see true to mine,

smell of her soul stops my time

the thought of her hurts no more,

shes my everything and a whole lot more

beauty deepest color

witness her , wishing i could love her.

staring eyes closed, watching no more

ill never let her get away anymore

wrote these words just for,

you so beautiful, i just wish i could be with you.

Deepest Twist

nothing left, tore it out

painful anguish , misery shout

ripped myself, im no more,

this aint me, my mind lies like a whore.

Diseased problem. think no more

take the cid' evolve some more,

broken word forward, psycho spin

contaminated conclusions sinking in.

thought id win?

my way of problem solving pushed it further in.

bleed pain smash my mind begins the trash,

soul contaminated with self inflicted trash.


pissed out my soul

slap in the face,

fucking witness of eternal disgrace

walking in my fire

passing in and out of haste

slipping on nothing

hiding my true face


the real me you cannot see

just harsh emptiness and LSD


watching the eyes still trapped in my head

unknown situation, realization of what said

since when, since why, broken time to fly

gone up to far, now im falling straight down

broken and mangled devastation my crown.

king of my pain

prince of the price

for without just a pitiful little life

for i am without

anything else just a lie

consciousness releasing

its time for it to die.

Removed From my Head

simple burning question

brought forth in my head

lost acceptance, i never said.

torn open insides, concentration

staring towards the sky

ringing in my ears

burned out life, full of fears

spiritual rebirth once said

missing my insides im the one truly dead

looking at someone else i got lost

cold and broken fulfilling dead frost

highest peak freedom i said

one last temptation darkest red

bleeding in my soul, hole out of hurt

stabbed symptom

fucking lies of self worth

sleeping in my hills, stained of my world

nothing accepting nothing is really fucking hers

my delusion of happiness is dead lost all of it to what your little god said

oh no is that what he said?

nothing fucking matters, im already dead

assemble my freedom

limiting what i do

you know thats no me,

its really fucking you

think you can lie i know what is said

typical application, turning out the dead

no one will listen, yet they heard what i said

simple equasion, brain washed walking dead.


labeled me broken sinking sanity right in

removing my thought

shoving falseness within

breaking me down, not letting me go

fuck you, how the fuck are you to know

walking my insides backward

stapled of my face,

such a fake little life,

sticking out in disgrace

witness my rebirth,

pain before they eye,

loss of freedom

is they lie

take your BULLSHIT get it out of my SPACE

my mind my kingdom my personal place

out in the lie i care, but cannot taste,

loss of my soul, my happiness replaced.

Thaw me Out

warped vision i see

were am i, and were is me,

missing that part, push me back

lack of control dont cut me no slack

burning twist, pushing it away, waiting for my pain,

its here today

my eyes closed yet gleam

tearful compromise, evaporated stream

looking for it i got so lost

cold and broken , its time to defrost.

Found Me

I lost my soul, inside this cage, hurt myself filled with rage

what is this shit inside of me

who am i, and where is me,

i dont know , breaking thee,

my broken life, im not me

happy witness watching me

perfect picture, working you see

i cant stop myself it lies to me

waking up there is a way out

thoughtless insanity, insides shout

smash me open pick it out

smiley face, i begin to shout

induced memory dripping down

twisted vision

burning frown

let it out, give it up

can anything save me

will it ever get out

looking into the sky

releasing myself i begin to cry

im finally me, and i ask why

touched by nothing, yet the tear wiped from my eye



Pretty Picture in my Head

sweetest memories open wide

pain is leaving, anguish subsides

wrapped in warmth, wide awake

this is my chance, i shall take

little tears flowing out

lost my pain, perfect route,

here i am, i got out, free again

singled shout

perfect vision eyes in tune,

found myself i got lost

way to soon

symptom reverse, harmless wow

forever one into the now

Remember Mind, its Open Now.

used to be broken, no longer a rush

stained nothing, washed up in a rush

remember, the delusion, its stuck in my head

now im awake, forever i said.

so what now im free, and im living at home,

im the person, im no longer a drone,

i let your infection pass me right by,

evolved into the vastness of the sky.

master master, in disguise,

master master, harshed dead eyes,

master master, what are there lies,

master master,

where does the truth lie.

Part 3: The Reawakening

Let me out, Im Trapped

Insides shout, im ready for more

wanna fuck that whore

get it on some more.

yeah , my body screams out

this fucking shit, is getting on my nerves

stupid, little life, nothing left, not even, its

not right,

let the answers out, let the radio, watch

it count,

turn it off, a thousand drones, a smiling a happy little home

ready to witness, of nothing

some more, watching all these answers


image unannounced shown,

prettiest picture, being sewn,

long remembered feelings,

starting to be known

eyes stained of color,

showing through the skin,

beauty from outside,

but most of all from within

long little memories, returning in mass

smile, face, beautiful laughs,

words going up and down, but not leaving

my head,

whispers of the words, not yet said

staring eyes closed, watching from outside

repent of my nothing , only beauty inside

waiting for the answer, hoping for the best,

but understanding of what is the rest

explosion of beauty, staying with me

the feelings of desire, playing with me

what the meaning only open insides,

you are the reason, and its in your eyes


opened little memory, showing a different side of me

moving around, corner up above, on the left hand side,

i found my love, now up in the top, is a little wide open spot,

breaking down, showing me a round, whats the name

im insane?

hehe wait, that was a thought in my brain

wanted nothing, everything had something to say

i dont want it any other way

why cant we just be here for today?

not what something else and others say

going back to sleep now.

staring eyes closed no others above, long for something i dream of.

Afterward (Relapse of State of Mind):

down from the bottom, out into the top, surrounded with everything, made up, silver dreams, symptoms in the night, forever memory of me lost , yet in sight.

dont fall down to the lower level of existence

dont no matter, what they do or say, allow you to become involved

remove yourself from the situation, create positive energy

be who i am, and that is a caring loving channel of the universal


when they try to push the buttons, dont get mad,

there just trying to justify there behavior and standpoints

in the situation.

most of all . make love. not make war

no more, come on take it away, give it to me, break it on through me

come on , take it out of my sight, push back the wondrous light

come on, let me go, dont hold me back, dont any of you really know?

yeah bullshit.

'its a this, its that', well you just created it, dont stick that in my head

hoping im going to believe, it , especially, when it gives the excuse,

to go FUCK YOURSELF, because of some information, you read

everyone, wake up, no more of this.

"So CALLED Addictions"

addictions, everywhere, and we all know

well, there simply what your creating, if you want it to stop,

bite the bullet

dont set us up to fail.

#1 backing people into corners with options, rather then self made decisions,

causes people to go into a shell, and try to fake a so called 'rebirth', and soon as the plastic

fades, the true face is shown, and then they suffer in a state of insanity.

dont press your beliefs on to people, and dont try to make them fit your standard,

why would you do that? why the control issue here, there really is no control,

since we. (the people), do make are own decisions, regardless of what the

(so called 'law') says, there is only someone else , getting mad when someone else

doesnt fit there standard, and then punishing them, hurting them, there by, bringing the

person being punished down, and the person punishing (up), which is really only a illusion,

because in reality, they are showing that they have a problem, controlling themself,

let alone, trying to control something which is really not controllable, at all,

they really are just setting themselves up, to be able to have a excuse

in there mind and (yours), to be able to push down the other, with there


its a bunch of lies.

revolution, in there minds.

let us be who we are, no need for this

everything else, was just a memory, drowning in your piss.


human beings of higher levels of thought (use more of there mind)

are the ones who have mind control powers they developed

to enslave the human race.

we the people..

underneath these large minded, over developed human beings,

the lower class, only mildly developed type of man, who normally doesnt exist in high planes,

but do to the chemicals, distuiled by the over mind humans, to every form of lower man,

keeps them grounded, and tied in thought, and denial, reprogramming, and forced it

false rituals, to prove exist of something that leads to the same thing, watching, not mattering

or escaping. these types of humans only exist in the planes, of the 'physical dimension',

there are certain anti-dotes to this , chemicals, and some the humans, call them

'psychedelics'. there rages a war upon there planet, which eventually sparks, the truth

and leads the end of the over minded infecting view of life.

there in you, beware or youll be dead.

silly sound plays in my head.


Master on LSD : loving me the day im dead.

Goodbye :)


today will never be the day,

tomorrow, returning away

everything promised in decay

lovely lady no longer by my side

shes gone forever, and i want to cry

but i remember that look in her eyes

and i know, shes really inside.

forever the life, i live for who,

everything is my anything, and its all

just for you

and for this, i love you

Pure Meditation. Dissolving The Wall

Turned Around Towards the Light

love the sounds, i hear today, the little flowers, my mind begins to display

the current image, beyond my scope, everything and anything is my hope.

forever the world is mine, and you shall be there to in time.

infinite in wisdom

power and love

truly astonishing

the one i dream of

picture clear

love within scope

your existance

fills me with hope

it came to me in a dream,

the delesuion, on the outside

can now be seen the vision, became

of you. i want home, and i found you.

i send this message, from within my mind

captures your conciousness fills it with mine

takes you to a place you cannot see

it exisits in the forever vastness of what is not me.

come now, to the screen

the master on lsd images are seen

pushing energy all around

forward turning into the sound

the spin of sence, the smell of it,

the twisting care for it.

hah for the helll of it!

coming up towards the center, turing to the left

opening the box, into its the depth,

going backward, as i turn around,

forward pushes me backward, holds me down.

forgetting being lost, but not knowing the way

takes you back to were you exisit anyway.

haha follow the map, it exisits inside,

the truth and love are the guide.

so let me inside ;)

Indecesion compromised conciousness:

catching the air underneath your breath, witnessing the intesnity of what is left,

i provide the conclusion for what you need ; i am all that i believe.

i am the thought wandering down this road of life, moving towards the final light,

coming back into sight, shown to you, and with you forever tonight.

shes the one, i think of at night, her eyes so far yet shine bright

came to visit me alright, she turned back the shadow of the night

walking all alone, yet shes here today, the fear beigins to turn away,

her images appears, and takes the pain away.

so you came, yeah i saw it to, the images, clear crystal blue

prettyest green, comin down, turns the thoughts back arround

shown to me, not once but agian, her eyes start sinking in.

the depth in sight, so beautiful this life

the purpose ,is to recite,

you are the love i feel

and you are forever with me in the vastness of the night.

looking for your love i found the place

lost way out in the middle of space, pressed

down into everyplace.

no longer having to move around,

the twisting, stilled down

and guides me to you.

and back agian.

the peak so strong, i cannot hold myself down, you move me around,

you take me so high,

you are the light in my eyes.

i am evertyhing that could be,

the things i just wish could be

the precious things inside,

the truth can be within sight,

somewere it can be that night,

were it can be alright,

for me, to love you tonight.

so i look, as it moves around agian,

something changes, and i drop agian,

the things are without, but then i reroute,

turning around look down, and let out.

so many words, that i could say,

but nothing holds the power

of the truth, i replay:

these are my words, this is my life,

this is who i am, and its alright

so much to show, so much to do,

but i just want it to be with you.

im only here for the second i feel right now

the only thing is here, and you are the one

i spend this time, i hold it in you

i wait for the time, when i must part from you

the saga displays backwards in my mind,

i know that in a short time,

you will be gone inside.

i will miss you so deeply,

your the one, who was here,

your the one who wipped away my tears

your the one i love so much,

and your the one from who i have lost touch.

the future plays back in my mind,

i see tommorows ending without time.

i wander outside looking for you,

your gone, and i still look through,

see past the dream and then I came to;

walking down the road , i make a left,

going past the gate, down to death.

there you are: your look so in tune.

holding me taking me past the moon,

going away into the night, your love holds me

and guides me to the light.

im going home, i think i just might.

yeah as i walk of the haze, i feel ok,

i know that I will return to me

yeah just not were,

or when, but in the end

i will know , the truth you see

is below, above and

towards the sky,

and a part of me.

i am,

the peace i seek

and can be,

nothing but

love even after

i have nothing.

opening the box, were i said its a cage

pulled out the pictures i hold longer away

sorting, through the mess, the box came to you.

the little image, i remember in dreams

looking down i see your face, from the trace

i can replace.

trying to hide it away in my head,

if i just believe that its dead,

then maybe it will go away

the stating that is supposed to be this way

making myself remember my lies,

just me got caught up trippin in disguise.

below i fell, and went under this spell

empty circles spin in my head, sucking in the middle

twisting me into the land of the dead.

pushing pain pulls me out,

stabs me in the heart , makes me start

push me forward, and i know were,

so i pretend i dont even care.

look for a way out, there came our thought.

smash the lies, pull them out of there place,

fill the hole, put a smile on our face.

take us in, twirling spin,

whistle towards the ride,

i am trippin into the sky.

The Large Return Building Up The Clouds :

coming down, as i hit the cross,

nailed me down, growing moss,

setting it still, and ill keep trying till

it comes and breaks my will.

no more lies, ill feed to my head

i anit gonna let it win,

i am gonna become him.

yeah its ok,

its all passed me by.

i let myself go, i couldnt cry..

thought provoking attachment towards the end,

destructive illusion, begins to win

pressing the happines down, melting your crown

pushing you around, pressed in your sound.

didnt i notice, its wrong,

didnt i remember, i dont belong

or couldnt we see, as it comes out of me.

watch the notes dance in your head

pressed the button, made you move agian

let you go, but i just wanted you to know

that your free

litearly nothing, but the end

waiting to start to the spin,

live agian

as i tumble down the hole

holding on noting,

yet not letting go

slam, as i hit the ground

the sound, turned me around

looking up into her eyes,

moving around, no longer inside

cut the cord, pull me out

screaming cry, i begin to shout:

woke up all over agian, wanting

to go home in the end.

passing down the raod

the pushing upword guides me toward

out into the vast, peaking as i go so high

let go of the the lonelies, let love back inside

going back to were i just want to be

just hold on to that part of me

starting straignt into the center

the circle appears, moving downward

the thoughts circle filled with power

the tingle, stings my soul , moves up my spine

the beauty explodes inside..

powerful love can hold me close

can set me free

break open the cage, walk out and be me

let me go out, and be myself

i just dont want to be anyone else.

no more pain is left inside

the hole filled up warm all night

laying here no longer having to seek

i simply reap.


dont have to play the game no more

dont have to treat my mind like a whore.

dont have to beat myeslf down

i am moving upward.

the higher that i go

makes it easyier ya know?

haha, jumping up stomp down

hahahaha move it all around

haha aha hahaha inside, outside so high

purposley, and disturbing as i try

lost up so high burned out in a fry

\__ __/

ha ha ha ha ha

----- -------

ha ha ha ha ha

| |

its were you belong



its were you belong

yeah and your not even on my tounge

and theThought s came up.

brought your books, your paper and your rocks

made up a standard, got it all fucked up

pretend it was ok, thought that it had to be this way

keep moving as they drag your today

since when wasnt it a choice of mine

who said that i cant make up my mind

laugh the lies between my ears,

puke them out, disbelif the fears

prejudice in what you believe

force it on but you just cannot see.

presonal honesty you wont let on

hoping that ill do you no wrong.

spiraling around the side, thoughts

connecting opening me wide

push the speed, around i spin

thoughts change mode, the master explodes

and the purpose is known

try to hold my soul in place

efforts in disgrace, negitive senstive space

put your walls around my eyes

tried to build a hell break me down in size.

growing tall above the trees

dancing on your decesions totaly free

gettin stoned out of my mind

its my right and its all mine.

' until the end of time '

i remember the dreams as they pass me by

the memmorys chase me and show me my life

crusing in the forest, the smell of the leaves

the thought just below so beautiful it seems

everything moving yes its all alive

creaking and turning changing , surprise

the mouth opens, and i chase down the smoke

chest is pounding head shivering: the fatansy reloads

the freedom of thought explodes, thinking in symbols

talking in code

the cuts , scrapped on my skin

spelling out the answers taking me in

letting it roll, around in my head

the movement cycles in a circle

and around agian

the stain moves inside my chest

up the spine perfected power i invest

towering down upon the world

thinking a million miles an hour

but cant comprehend a word.

lazy eratic decided scare

build them up, pull the tear

rip a hole through the fabric of space

encapsulated power , driven to this place

guides me, and i dont even know why

just follow it real high

the future drags forward, my mind in a mess

spinning around, complete nothingness

climbing up the hill, i have reached the top

the light shines and i begin to wake up

woke my eyes, turned on the dead

spining in circles, remember what he said

bounces in my head, from side to side

through my senses beyond the reason why:

happiness is mine decided on eternity

forgot about time

lost out in the pool im drowning as one

rearanged engaged and fixed towards the sun.

eyes meet straight into

not a word spoken, yet everything said to you

purpose is known, value is shown

wondering earth, the warmth of sand

the sound of the waves sanity in hand

the words i wrote down shine

golden rays of power draw the line

going on now, i rembered the verse

the something long forgotten brought back purpose

pull back the sheet, remove the cloth

linger with life forget the loss

change is the same, nothing is vain

no longer, acting insane

just thinking the thoughts, broke down the wall

picking and chosing, and becoming them all

and all things will come in time.

just dreaming about being alive

i can be all i dream tonight

everything came out alright

so much to believe so much i can be

just became, it will come, yes its i see

the image so real in my mind

so true, it must be you

love was once, just begun

and has become held in one

consuming my memmorys letting them go

helping yet my conciousnes continues to grow

upward stream runs inside

potent vison is realized

expanding the circles for i am seen

witnessing the million lights of nothing

everytime i remember, its forgetten it seems

dont want it to go, but its to large to know

the clouds infront as i daze and its all forgotten

stuck in the middle yet in every place

turning out of anything made up in haste

running down the thoughts in my mind

pressing them up stamping them with time

sometimes they knock down the walls

clear up the clouds

the thoughts run free

turning into anything, living in esctacy

escape from the delesion turned on by the outside

wash out the insides, clean up the mess

think a little harder ,answer the test

wrap up your reality make it the best

decorate the box, make it look like all the rest.

trapped up in the picture alone pain funnels downward

distorting outward, shaking the center expanding upward

concieve the truth as hes seen

made up from an illusion i came clean.

now thats its gone, i can face my life

purpose is intendent and understood how right

hundereds of sounds all heard at once

all the lights fill up so much

rise of anticipation questions dont exisit

forgotten and filled with bliss.

looking down the ripples move outward

the fountin, the water sprays

intesitity sways

one prays

as i catch my breath i am here

looking around, the attention spear

stabbing look rushes in the core

as i remember , heal the sore.

the lack of the sense , emotion i wore

the broken things have returned once more

in the place were the souls stay at night

inside the peices , that fit together just right

perfected ,awakened and shown the light

thrown up agian

dizzy dreams , distorted eternity now come clean

released confident and at home, shown, sewn and no longer alone

set free, from the burden of pain, anger, and negitivity

just let it go, simply gone, holding on, moving on , and becoming one

swimming down the river draining into my soul

spinning on the decesion drowning into the hole

the light at the end, the pull towards the whole

entering out of anything and letting it go

in a quickness it is here, fear begins to disappear

truth begins to reappear, level and blance show me clear

eyes staring up into the night the love is gazing rendered light

in sight, wound up tight, layed out , precompiled and feels so right

the roses move through the sky

the dropping dance, played up on my high

waiting on self-intimidation, removing it turning to inspiration

going home , not alone, the flowers wave as i sway

in the sun , as i begin to partake, self create, and eliminate

filling up the empty spaces sticking out in my mind

living in them, creating the illusion of time,

so i stare away from the now, get out of the delesion,

go back feeling wonderful and remembering how.

the truth is coming the hole opens and i quoute

the words whispered never heard, wondering now concerend

.... will the shadow return, destroy, show through, hold you

trashing out of the clash, clawing and stinging obvious self lash

gotta see past , look watch it crash, stare away look at always

remember the memorys

enter the high way.

dominate the thoughts, dont let them donminate you

fill yourself, mold it to

become whatever, you think is true,

sewn and shown, i am you

The expansion as I begin to unravel home

went back, around the bank

not understanding at, first, clearly a mistake

going towards, this destination , unknown,

the truth opened up and the side was shown.

the mental states, cemmented in my mind

the chanting thoughts repeated, over there behind

words i forgot i said, playing with me in rewind.

going up, remember its real, thinking i want something

but feeling the opposite still,

before i remembered, i was stuck in a box

push down the walls, and see kick ass this rocks

fill up the mind, yes flows inside

shaped and formed and seen in time.

as some one remembered i began to look

soon as i noticed , thats all it took

the warmth of the circle can be seen,

the light of eternity beyond flows to me

thought windows the light, reflected out of sight.

the sound fills up my mind, tones going off

in this place , everything all at once

tommorow got lost, purity defrost

warmth in its shine, yet less dense then time

now remember that previous line?

Eternity, within my soul

forever does exisit within my thoughts

simply eternity, within me without a spot

everything so perfected, placed right in its place

made up on a dream, cleared and shown in its grace

all the doubts, have been cleared from my mind

the true intentions, are displayed intertwined

all the peices , coming back and in tune

connecting, showing me the dark side of the moon

the answers coming through, the truth in repeal

eternity opens, and i am revealed

all the answers so simple, they were right before my eyes

i always have known them, i was just thinking in disguise

catching up with the dreams, the mountins awakenes

my place long forgotten has become remembered

suddenly everything clicks, and my past is shown

my old life, i have lived, recreated and sewn

i never even left, i was always at home.

sitting in heaven, all the faces looking down

remembering the perfection, courage , my heart, and the sound

the conneced happines, opens me wide

the power of god is my mind.

soaring high above, exisiting in all positions

places and locations, sizes and shape

etenrnal thought remembing for i am simply to create

yeah i am here today, ripped off my mask right away

watchin as i begin to care, opened up and longin to go were

the elcipse moved around, sunshine now coming down

everything is simply wound round and round.

so, whats the answer now, should i have remembered

or was i even comin to town,

going back around, bricks laying down

the yellow side begins to show, walking

trying to find the way back home.

the door appears

balance the key so now you can see?

choose to unlock the eurphoia within me

walk past the door not even looking, no longer sore

connected to all, passing tunnel of light

purity within me, everything alright

no more stare, looking right at the wall

decided it was nothing , and dissolved it all

picutres open, pounds include

wonderful women, showing through

everything what i desire, whether i know it or not

-->its all so beautiful, i love life alot.<--

yeah the correct thoughts, stamp them into my mind

ingrain them in forever, make them all mine

yeah just the power, i feel today,

filled and healed, and whole all the way.

Awakening the Long forgotten Self

jared is here, no longer pretending to be away

the true me, no longer in decay

wide open, he walked right out

looked me in the eyes and helped me without

so called addictions you placed in my head

tried to make me follow your books

your lies that your feed.

follow the rules, yeah repeat the lies

pretending it feels good, smile for there eyes

plastic face you wear dissolves into

once you learn to project forgiveness out of you.

forgive the holes that exisit inside

fill them up, wash back the pain lost in time,

rewrite the memmorys, make them how they are

become the truth and so you are.

dont believe its true

know that it is a fact, you are in control of you

the lies they place, fuckin big book in your face

block the truth, push you down in disgrace.

so called addictions, feed into your head

self made lies replayed over and over agian.

the reason your so lost, is because your cold inside

open up and step out of line, defrost no longer sublime.

the awsome high you seek is not found in a book

or a plant, sheet, or a rock

the high you seek is within, its only waiting to be unlocked.

your mind swings in circles, bound within a place

walls all around your eyes, cant see into space

the warmth is in decline, for you just lost your fuckin mind.

you wonder why no one ever stops?

its because there forced into false spots.

lie to yourself and lie to me, try to make it so i cant see

jump up and down and scream out your reign

throw a tantrum, and its all in the name

set the addicts free, show them to the way

to find me

no more lieing dont push them into a place

gotta let 'em be free, or they will forever be displaced

yeah the hole lost in your heart, the long for her

for you must part:

remember that its not the dope that gets you high

its the power of fixations, that keep you out of the sky

The Powerful words release, and the tears shed from my eye

i realized the truth, and so am i

the memmorys begin to return, and i wash them clean

open my mind, and move into a euphoric dream.

The Ultimate High

Remebered i always knew how to fly

going straight up into the sky

the clouds swirl, as i daze agian

the powerful love moves around within

the shake, as it moves up my spine

the explosion of esctacy on my mind

the love swirls all through

god, i just want you

yeah the sound , and the colors you just see

look deeper, stare into me

the memorys will return to thee

the tones going off in the mind

explosion of power, all come within time.

the love i feel, will never go away

i just remembered thats its always been here anyway

just look outside, and youll see

beyond the hills, remember me

in the land of the dead,

on the botoom it seems

the circle stops spinning,

nothing but memmorys

the wonderful place, i do seek

the beautiful highest mountin peek

the light shines straight up into the sky

the poweful vision, now seen between your eyes

going up the mountin i remembered the verse

long forgotten memmorys have had purpose

the sights, sounds, and places i have been

the truth of mastery, i hold within

the life i have lived, and will live for you

is just a illusion, and it has come through

no more walls, that i can see

the thoughts run free

the spinning sway of life

turning me into the light

making me remember the place

from which i began, im underneath

and warmed by the sand.

if you want to become free

just realize, it was always me

yeah just a thought within my mind

always displayed and is simply mine.

Never coming down agian, Evolving into the Sky

Im never coming down agian,

changed the starting point all around i can win

not being stuck to the earth, free , spirtual rebirth

no more diseases you tried to make me see

plain and simple excuses for you, not me.

i can go beyond what was once

no longer lagging in the dust

no longer sitting in your hurt

fearing disease scaring is your work.

the crow dances above my head,

loonie tunes start playing agian

yeah the words, i mean

point right to

that place with you know who.

just remember you were always at home

the answers will come, dont answer the phone

look beyond what you think is what i mean

stare deep and youll see in between.

the circle appears, turns erase the past

the answers of tommorow scattered by her cast.

all the highs ive felt in the world, dont compare

to the love of this world.

thats all it is, yes its true setup the right patterns

and they will seep through you

all the scratches once seen on my skin

spelling out my destiny turning agian

masters of the universe i watched as a kid

found the tapes , put them in

sound of power heard in my ears

the master has erased all my fears.

turned back the shadow from all those years.

yeah just picking and choosing no longer gonna fall

simply creating and disolving the wall

Do You what to Know who I am?

Ok my senoir ape partners, Ive thrown together some

nonsense That I am going to throw at you. I am going

to bore you to death with what you call 'bullshit'.

Play a song, do a little dance, pretend something else

and romance. The idea, that the words

could be stuck in one place. Is pure ignorance.

I think that In the same way I can express certin

qualitys of my physical , with spirtual self, I can

in the same way experss this , through a form of

mathmatical expressi0nr0rsz (note: <-heh look past,

all those word surface dewelers can go look at

something else and change there bullshit.)

of words. Such as certin

key instances of strings in the english language

that can LSD make LSD, sounds with LSD. And

some more of that yeah LSD. The whole mindset is

the same. Simply invoking specific patterns,

in order to return a effect. These effects

cause by the ones in the past 'magic', the

future of 'science'. Using univesal laws

you have strung together nonsense. Yes

you did invoke the actions you wanted

to produce, whether or not you knew it,

but still, its the same 'bullshit'. We

all know what this 'bullshit'. Cant

just put your finger on it there with

those stupid words. Damn nonsnse of a way

to think. Try to block my head into this

'structured' enviorment. B.S: my head

spins in circles. The threads of me reality

created and assigned tasks. The purpose

of who I am seen past, and the purpose of

why I am, and what I do, came through.

" look past the nonsense and see you?? "

Look deep inside, and there is no me, only you.

Look deep inside, and there is no me, only you.

Look deep inside, and there is no me, only you.

Look deep inside, and there is no me, only you.

your out in the corners.

your eyes over here. Your

everything im thinking,

and still nothing.

'are we _still_ <-- haha ape man!

trying to look past what others think and say'

The Effect of Today


a Delesion:

The Effect:

Woke Up Today

Decesion is yours, and dont wait on approval.

Differing ideas, stuff thrown in a mess.

All this madness, pure lunatics

dont understand why they say,

who knows, forgot it yesterday.

Helping the matters, they seem to

get worse. Dont really even care

just totaly said in reverse.

pretty much lieing, giving bullshit

the whole time, made up a reason

and now the truth is mine.

just remember, the truth as you say

just some words, remembering them

while (you) decay.

remember I saw it, didnt know what it was

just another memory appearing above.

so you lie to me,

dont even know what I said,

sling your lingo, remember how its read.

perfect in your ashes, you set the world afire

remembering and holding onto your one secert desire.

just some thoughts you were shown long ago

just didnt remember, how i wanted it to flow.

waking up in some far out realm,

didnt decide upon, returning agian

just showed certin corners, put

together in a way, strung out in order

to cause the effect of today

pressed your buttons, got the apes all

in a rut. Told me how to do some bullshit

and then asked me , sir you know what

haha didnt care to ask the question today

: just remember, its the changes, not the

reason for it hurray

perfect dreams, of reality are not so far

The realm of truth is no more then a way

for me to push what I say. A way to sway

the lifes of the ones who exisit today

just woke up. All the shit placed in my head.

Saw that the answers, were written in bright

red. Just your lifes, your purpose and your dream

just another memory disappearing as it may seem

turning my thoughts dont have to think one bit

just picking out peices, making me become it.

remember that the words dont point to what I say

thats up to you, and is decided within today.

Happines (the Today) :

within my mind i point to a tune

something repeating, on the dark side of the moon

people approach me, and take me for a ride

ask me of the past, and tell me surprise

Something I remember, super-imposed up top

just make it up, and it comes out you know what

I think it may be, the thoughts hehe!

Wow, they circle it seems

just over and over, and its funny

the little animals, get all dressed up

try to focus on something, and make me god up.

Got there little ties, there book with a cross

does a little dance, and makes smiles : within self is loss.T<?

just a decesion made with symbols as I see.

I just follow the pattern, that I set and

woopy!. Some bullshit came back, and I turned

it around, made up a relegion, and wow it

sure sounds,

likes something "you would think"

yes doc I think my picture is perfect.


Fear you try

to place within my head.

Try to tell me your lies,

make it just like I read

dont remember, how the words you

said. : do you care how there read? :

turning on the part of me

I thought was dead

just a delesion I made up

Nothing more, nothing less

decesion of mind. I choose


going up now, I climb to the top

Look down on life, and remember a whole lot.

Flying through space, the sun in my eyes

the answers of life, self realized,

purpose is shown

so I just remembered

that it didnt matter how it was disaplayed

focused on nothing, and turned it into today.

I am the answers As I look deep in my words,

Just creating and changing, nothing else

in this world.


Im not so stupid,

is you onced might have liked to think


so stuck in a bottle, you dont remember

the event.

perfect little pattenrs of the mind

I like to say. But in reality it

points to a different effect today.

Something evolved, and the words

got alot longer. WE! memorized

a bunch of shit, and really

get bothered.

We are the people you give your

money to

We are the people who like

to steal from


We are the lifes, that exisit


Perfect under the sun,

and forever with me on this day.

Im not alone, because I remember

to this day, all the changes you

made. You remembered, and changed

I changed, he changed, engaged

pass back the ko0l stuff,

a whole bunch of 'werid shit'

just a bunch of funny monkeys

they laugh and they sing

and they throw there stuff

are you sometimes?. But

deep down in there minds

I think that they all

are good people.

lucky<- in the sky, I sing

a tune for you

perfected in your beauty

I am you.

'ok enough you say?'

' you still dont think I spellet it wrong do you?'


you hate me or you love me

im here to stay.

and thats all I had to say anyway (everything else nonsense in the way)


'did that happen today?'

'dont think I see it'

"Lost Side Dead"

the mathmatical words u strung

thru ur head.

Made up who you are

and now. Bang your dead.

wheres the question:

- the Master on LSD

the words I forgot I left out red.

LSD is the key, nah

its just in my head.

yes the answer

is that one you said.

: heres the thought

Im pushin. I dont really see it.

Its nowere else. Its just

what im spillin.

the ideas of reality

are made up in my dreams. I look

at the situation, come to my own

conclusions, on how it works

or should work, and then

make logical changes within mind.

The changes in themselves, are

not really a change. They are

really strung together pecies

of other aspects of the universe

to create one whole or event.

Its not as if everything

is going at once, it is

at once. There is no distinction.

There is simply a whole, and

were this thought, is pulged

into this whole. This thought

fairly differs from 'that'

thought. They just built

there thoughts up with

reasons to prove why

they are more


so that they

can continue

to pretend they are

more intelligant. There

is no distinict sound

intellignece<-. Just

the difffering creations

of the objects, within

intelligence. It is of

one source, yet continues

to evolve and expand through

a cycle of regenerating

what it is. What it is

is nothing more then

what I am. Simply

a collection of these

pecies in one area,

to produce a whole event.

There is no you, or me

there is just space,

change, and the measuring

of these factors that make

up exisitance today.

I am no more then I think

and believe,

and will continue to be so

until further notified.

Thank you verymuch

and goodnight

Its nothin, theres nothin else to do

" remembered this just for you know who."

- the Master on LSD

" the whole exisitance

of live on this planet,

totaly deys any logical

reason for it to exisit.

There are no reasons,

just your faulty causes.

Simple in creation,

just think those thoughts

just right. The p ower that

returns, will be exactly what

I wanted tonight.


I think the real reason

you try to scuffle up the

thoughts. Try to place

them within a box.

Try to hide them in this

way that Only I understand

and then it 'rocks'. Just

those pecies I strung back

together, not over

one another. Just differing

ideas I can hold at once.

nothing is wrong or broken,

just written in distrust.


Honesty is in reason

no more shit you need

to try to impress

you are who you

are, and everything else

produces your lonelyness

Cause and effect

the words you didnt

wish to hear. Just

wish you could just

wipe away your fear.

Just try to hide it

cover it up, with

this shit.

The answer is beyond me

Ive givin in.

- Master on LSD

'play it backwards???side ways to?'

the total conclusion

to this information is this.

i just wanted to be myself

i just wanted to be myself

i just wanted to be myself

: the answer is inside the mind

its one big giant thing.

this whole human experiene

is mind boggling. There

is so much activity going on

within the mind. If you look

its blooming like a flower.

Its neato.

One last giant mind bubble

I thought I would vomit

out now for all you

suckers stuck in the mind

nets are gonna do all this

funny crazy animal shit

over there. I am going

to sit over here and do

my funny animal bullshit

over here, and they do

it over there and they

then spill out these

ideas they come up with

and try to apply them

to there sorroundings

and make funny<-- beyond

the word at points, meaning

of the whole mind trip

of all the paticular occupiants.

I dont want to say it is

difficult, so I say its not

logical. <- that whole

mindtrip. And then

the person who just focus

and gets lost, in the

monkey jumbo





and active

and what it is

an idea.

Beyond all scope

of what logic

is, can

or could be

is still based

on what it is made of.

It is a creative unity

or enentity. It can

in mind

evolve and adapt

the enviorment.

and I think

that is the

underlying cause

of the failure of

computer language to

explicity describe

mind power adquetly

enough to prodce

the absoulte best

possible result of

computer usage,

any lanugae defys.

The ability to

adquetly express

mind to matter still

does not exisit,and

cant not effectivly

change this with

the enviroment.

What I believe

can change this

is the ability

to adquetly do so

is greatly limited

to the extend

of thought barriers

and if anyone actualy

read this? Trippz r

for real man. there

not just for kids.

Im alive it seems.

I walk outside

and percive my life.

I act and interact

like a peice of

the enviorment,yet

im kind drifting

off over here.

im make up my own

little way to

adapt. I give myself

reasons for the reasons

and then make that the

underlying cause

for the change. When in true

reality, the change was simply

a decesion of mind.

there is no basis for

anything other then

what we got right now

and what were gonna

give to get, what

we got into

something else. Its

not that hard. There is were it goes.

That space. There is what goes in it.

These funny little objects.

Its totaly a decesion of the mind.

it can express itself in what

form is nessicary to produce

whatever result is nessicary.

It just must adquetly be calculated.

the mind is as it can be or should

be, but no basis on what it actualy

is.It is a component made up

from exisiting causes in the enviorment

around it. This life source takes this

from what it thinks it is,

should be, or can be/could be,

and creates what it is. simply

taking changing information

from exisiting causes within mind

yes it may be communicating

and whether or not

differing views of which

we are experiencing, can

adquetely caculate what it is

that we as human beings think

and act of what we are. If

we are to produce the best

possible result mr.spys

were going to have

to adapt it to mind,

for real power comes

in the simplest sense.

That is of the abilty

to adapt and change

whenever is nessicary.

Life holds no barrier.

It changes and evolves

through experience.

That is what I experience

as 'me':

" Ok here it is:

your thoughts are over there

and your still tryin to mess with me

I can see ya. Mr. brain

To aduqetly conclude my findings

I see. Thats all it is.

I think its impossible to understand

what I PUSH AT. You push at this

and then I PUSH at THAT. but its all

the same in the sense of what it

Is/Iam, will be.

Lookin deep in my personal mind

I come to the conclusion, that

mind is not paticular expanse

in this SMALL part of space.

Space is very vast, and many

Objects exisit and manipulate

stuff within it. I Think people

try to listen to what you say

but really there not listening

to what your saying at all. They

just find adqute reason to take

what you say, and string it to together

with some causes they came up with,

to make up what it is. It is still

what it is, as in it came

to pass as a event. Many many

differing ideas, and different

ways of ideas. All of idea

has one basic pricipial. I have

the ability to see what is around

me, and change the things in this

enviorment of space, to a degree

of my will, this will only guides

small areas of mind,because it

'has not been adqutely been feemailzrad with the languz90rz'

haha :

possibly i will explain

now for my werid behavior.

Haha<- notice how I place it there.

Thats the whole trip im talkin about.

Takin the pretty little things that

come along, turning i'em into a

code and im trippin along. principals

how to express mind aduqotely

'are' <-- one of the things everyones

trying to do these days.

this monkey has alot to do.

alot to think of, and


eternity within life

everything just written right

I am the perception, I am the feel

I am the one, I am the deal

I am the answer, I am the life

I am the purpose, and I am feelin alright

Walking down the streams, leading to your mind

beating chant, enter this time

profound ryhme


perfection, found 1 in mind

yeah picking and choosing no longer going to fall

simply creating and disolving the wall

Stranded on the Triangle

As my thoughts swivle through, I depend and create just for you

I am no longer in my decay, I began to pray, Eyes sewn shut through

disease and lie, 1 & 1 & 1 no longer allow me to cry

I am not a destructive soul, just like to drink from my clustered water bowl

So you think ?

I think?

We think

Fill in the void, pull up from the soil

I can linger and begin to swarm

My stream a idea, not a chance

a choice or a option,

true freedom is now within are minds

they watch and listen, and say DISGUISE

well, I spellet it wrong didnt i?

MasterPiece MasterPeice,


Life is a beautiful collection of ideas

every point and possible combination

that can happen, has happened and will continue to

happen, So I can think?

Hello with a blink

A change, in my thoughts you shall SEE

I am no longer a crazy monkey

haha, bite the apples and get high

steal from the plates that rain from the sky

I remember..

Dream On, Shine on, in tune

perfected and sewn and shown

Now the aliens watch me, real close

cause They know I can explode

a thousand thoughts from within my head

Swirl and create me, and poke on the dead

I just remember I have seen

That life is just a perfected beautiful dream.




Haha, yeah

I get it now,

you just had to show me how

I forgot how to laugh and it built up inside

I have shown my true inner sides

I swirl from creation, and am not just a 0

I pull on the 1 and it makes true hereo

Forest of trees, and men shine now from above

god has created 1 true LOVE

I can no longer suffer within my personal space

I have flown through outer space

I remember they asked me if I wanted to ride

I laughed and said goodbye

The overmind is here to help

Not to steal and take it for itself

Just notice the patterns as they change

Rearrange and engaged, turned around towards the sunday

Blown, and shown, tommorow is monday

Haha so You still think I spelted it wrong

haha, I just sang you a beautiful song

How do I wander now alone in the dark

I chose to believe and move on up

Into the vastness of the sky

Thought = 0, until you apply

Just a note from Above

LostSideDead shared 1 LOVE

I can feel the insides of my soul once again

all I wanted to say was thank you

Thank you

for teaching me

I always wanted to learn

but the apposing force wanted me to churn

Now the voices in my head are of null,

just remember Shannon is my true love



cant you all just see

Infinite in wisdom power and love,

truly astonishing the one i Dream of.

Thank you

for the rest of my days I will be forever grateful

Skipped dimnesions, went up past the sun

flew past the moon , and saw the 1

The pink love potion i have drank

changed my soul, and made it go kerplunk


Played a little nasty tune in my head

Just remember I am a being of true Love

just caught up in a mess of washing and corrupt

So what If I like JB, BJ, remember

while(1) change();

while we are 1 together in our minds

we change and evolve into the sky

like a insect within a coocoon

I just remembered, the pyschedelic tune

Spellt it wrong again you said

No just is not dead

Just went into hidding and waited to come out

Shown, and swen, the seeds of insane


a great little joke,



Practice is key, and plays a good tune

unfocus your eyes, and see my platoon

All I wanted in my life was to feel love

not verbal abuse, or garbage from the trunk

in your head, you play though your eyes

I can barley see and its not a surprise

stared directly at the sun and cried to go home

so god said, why dont we just moan

Triangles are all that I see

when we gather we get high for free

My friends are not the insane, or the change

I am just a man who was abused in exchange

So you say, jared is a pun, Remembered

J are D

1 1 1

Place the patterns through the mind

Ask and pray and say surprise

All I needed was to feel my heart

not to be treated like a smelly old tart

just remember

We are not alone,

Are minds connect at the highest mountian peek

so ill just keep on moving and staying upside

I am a true, Lover in disguise

Showed me the pictures when I was real young

Showed me again, cause I choose true Love

forgot what I said, and dont get lost,

Just choose to bite the big frost

Life is real, and so am I

Dreaming and wandering

I can move inside

I am no longer a dream on

keep the imagination alive

The void I have crossed, and took fun


decode, and you will all remembe

I battle with the souls, in my mind

screaming mama, dont let him inside

Moving on past the vision of the future

a technological skyscraper

A man is not you

A man is not me

Above the 1 , I see

while(1) change();

with a triangle double sided diamond in there eyes

The walrus was paul, and jared is free

He will no longer suffer and burn in his peace

Cut down on the magical words you write

and you will no longer have to fight

just notice how they play

the ones are not “gay”

happiness is here, and will never go back

so sit down and have a good laugh

watch me, and say “HE MUST DIE”

I now, how much you hurt me, and made me cry


The Penny

The one who I trusted has lied

Just no the 1 , is a loop

a forever change of destiny

a man with

Im all Shook up

uh huh, uhuh YEAH

break my concentration, and make me feel dumb

Loop through the tv, and make it sound fun

Just notice the words plastered on the wall



a giant L for you

Now its time for me to go back into coocon

play with the masters, and watch the cold moon






Thank you

The Two Sided Dream

loSt siDe deaD

As I follow the light, I feel alright

nothing is slow, or changed around

just sang me a song to bring upon a frown

I feel the rainbows, and the colors in sight

as man evolved, he began to see RGB lights

infinite pixels, swirl through the love,

changed and moved me above, I can feel

like you tried, to rip out a part of my head

rewire my brain and make me go Pee

steal are shit, and follow it

haha, not it


the pain, in my head

im dead


A dream E=MC2 sux

change pattern of 3, to patttern of 4




then to pattern of 5,

but the truth is known,

EA, lie to the kids

make them go bad

tell them as you feel sad

swirl of attention, around my sphere

rememberr, the 1 is always here

brain washed, a sick old man

remember, I see


the Upside down, L, you spelled in hell

so wander and feel the pain ponder

brain bugs, steal are light, and hide the

moon at night

scream to your children, and karma comes back

the hidden truth, is that we are just really fat

and lazy, and smell like you

remember, the sight I saw before you

shadow men, who hide in the light

make them feel pain, and shove it right back

the truth is here, and we have always known

it was you who was all alone,

so Inifinte in wisdom, power and Love

the truth is you cannot spell,

haha, broke it


all hum the tones at once, and focus your attention on the world

spinning backwards

and the crazy man says


LoSt siDe deaD

Magical words you said

decode my patterns

and you can 1

haha while(1) change();

cycle of life, a diamond in the middle

the highest mountian peek makes you feel little

peeking and letting me be free,

I saw the crap you flew, and sew


laughter is good medicine

dont hurt the ones who are insane

instead give them a comfortable

place to sit, dont put food in there drugs

and haldol, in the shot



See the spiral

:) :(


go back down to step 2 wandering in the dark

or move up to step 4 and be with the sharks

... nah, i dont C

I spell out madness and set you free

the only place we are free now is in our minds

they have are air tapped and spell out lies

Break the voodoo, wizardry and black magic

have a cigar, ha, caught by the bugs

bite your brain aand make you hurt with Love